Fashion Tips – Adding Leather to Your Wardrobe

March 12th // 1 Comment

Leather is one of spring’s biggest trends, and it is here to stay. Designers like Alexander Wang, Derek Lam and many others showed leather in their recent Fall 09 shows.

Today, I shared with you an edgy way to beautify your eyes. Here’s a way to take that look and make a bold statement by incorporating a leather dress like the one Kate Beckinsale was recently photographed in.

What’s also great about this look is that if you simply add a belt to your leather dress, you can accentuate your waist. If you want a more toned down look, I’d go for leather pants or a leather skirt. Choose soft loose fabrics to help complement your look, like sweaters, t-shirts or jersey tops. So infuse your wardrobe with some new leather pieces but choose styles that flatter your figure and add a bit of edginess to create a look that’s trendy and yet still practical!

Celebrity, Kate Beckinsale in leather
[Image via JustJared]

Ashley Olsen wearing a hot celebrity look in leather pants
[Image via Team Sugar]

Learn where to get these celebrity fashions after the jump!

Madison Marcus Leather Dress available from Singer22 for $243 (was $485)
[Image via Singer22]

Alice + Olivia Leather Pencil Dress with V Back & Bow

Alicia + Olive Leather Pencil Dress available from


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One Response to Fashion Tips – Adding Leather to Your Wardrobe

  1. Brandon says:

    The leather look is definitely a good one. Lady gaga also rocks i believe a leather outfit in the music video for “Poker face”. That being said im jealous I dont look anything near as good as Lady Gaga or Kate Beckinsale! Haha. Thank you for keeping the out of the loop genetlemen like myself in the know.

    - Brandon

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