Helen Mirren shows us how to look stylish at 65

April 7th // 3 Comments

Everything about this outfit could work for any body type and any age. 65-year-old actress Helen Mirren was honored at a hand and footprint ceremony in Hollywood recently and  showed off her curves in a navy dress and belt.

You might question the mock v-neck, sleeves and knee-length skirt… but add the belt, exposed zipper and form-sitting silhouette and you’ve got a conservative yet stylish look:

Helen Mirren

We can all learn something from her! She looks flawless!



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3 Responses to Helen Mirren shows us how to look stylish at 65

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  2. neva osborn says:

    she looks so good and i just like Raina i would love to rock that outfit. so Helen a 65 year old women just gave me Neva a 23year old women the will to want to wear that thank you Helen your lovely and stunning.

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  3. raina stoutenburg says:

    This is the sort of thing that would look good on me, and THAT’S a rarity!

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