6 Styles for Perfect Holiday Hair

December 15th // 1 Comment

With so many parties and gatherings happening this time of year, coming up with fun yet simple holiday hairstyles is tough! You get stuck in a rut and end up with the same blown out look or simple bun over and over (and over…). Check out these six fabulous holiday hair ideas to give your locks an original and festive twist this season!

6 Styles for Perfect Holiday Hair

holiday-hairstyles Wouldn’t all these simple holiday hairstyles look amazing with a LBD or even a chic sweater for the casual office party?

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  1. Lily P. says:

    Hi Loren! Those styles are so gorgeous…every one! My fav two are the messy bun and side braid with low bun…I love buns! :) . Thanks so much for the ideas! I hope I’m not asking too much, but here’s the twitter name to follow: @LilySerene.;) Would you please? :) *blush* *blush* It would surely be one of my best holiday presents! :D I totally love you! and I really hope you follow back. :)
    Adore, totally,

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