Fall 2012 Beauty Trend: Oxblood

November 5th // 2 Comments

Oxblood doesn’t sound like the sexiest word ever but trust me, this brown-red hue is the shade of the season! I’ve mentioned a few times how I’ve been obsessing over burgundy lately and that crosses over from my closet into my beauty routine, too. I’ve found myself reaching for these three products from my personal makeup collection and each of them instantly gives me radiant, of-the-moment color. Motives Lipstick in Burnt Sienna, Motives Lip Crayon in Bordeaux and Motives Nail Lacquer in A Little Risque keep me on top of the trend making its mark on fall fashion.

Have you tried oxblood for yourself yet?

Oxblood: The New Red
The brown-red is seen on the runways from elite designers like Alexander McQueen to Juicy Couture. It is safe to say this deep hue is the color of the season and Motives has you covered with three amazing products, so you can be on trend. 


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2 Responses to Fall 2012 Beauty Trend: Oxblood

  1. chiara says:

    I love the colour for fall, but absolutely hate the name oxblood. I’ll probably buy if the label calls it something else like burgundy, etc.

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  2. deborahjj says:

    Years ago we use to call it Cordovan and it was always considered a neutral. Just love it!

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