The 10 Most Controversial Fashion Campaigns of 2011

January 9th // 1 Comment

2011 saw a number of campaigns that pushed the envelope, especially in the fashion industry. The High Low has compiled a great slideshow of the top ten most controversial fashion campaigns we saw last year – which do you think will rank number 1?

“While the fashion industry may work at the forefront of art and design, it also pushes the envelope when it comes to marketing. Designers are often willing to brave the taboo to boost their brands, and this year was no exception. Whether it was political leaders playing kissy face, overly young fashion muses, or emaciated models, 2011 saw its share of scandalous advertisements.”

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One Response to The 10 Most Controversial Fashion Campaigns of 2011

  1. jessica says:

    most of them are awful but the too skinny model was the worst, to me she looked like a death camp survivor . Tied is the 10 years old dressed up like adults . Children should be children. Thank you for using real women in the motives ad’s

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