Fall Jewelry Trends 2012

August 6th // 2 Comments

I love accessories with jewelry being my absolute favorite. Vintage jewelry especially as it is such an incredible hobby – I love stumbling upon beautiful pieces with an amazing history! The fall season is quickly approaching so I’m excited to share the top fall jewelry trends I’ll be shopping for.

Art deco, geometric shapes, enamel, vintage-inspired, bold bracelets and choker necklaces are jewelry for fall 2012 you need to keep an eye out for. See anything you like?

Fall Jewelry Trends 2012


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2 Responses to Fall Jewelry Trends 2012

  1. candy says:

    In addition Bright colors will also be a huge within jewelry industry and you can expect to see bold / unexpected color combinations.

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  2. Debby says:

    ■Sabrina Dehoff swarovski plate bracelet $245
    I like it

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