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I have a love affair with designer vintage accessories – bags, scarves, jewelry – they are like true works of art and it fascinates me how something so stunning and rare can span decades and never lose an ounce of style. My favorite is FD Gallery on 65th street; they curate the best of the best of old and new jewelry in NYC and I can spend hours in their shop, surrounded by beautiful treasures. FD‘s greatest collection is from Cartier and as a collector I get so many of my pieces there, recently this unbelievable Cartier gold panther bracelet that I can’t wait to wear.

If you are also a vintage jewelry collector or know someone who is, I promise FD won’t disappoint. I couldn’t keep this secret to myself any longer – especially with the holidays, this gem of a place had to be shared with my fellow collectors. To browse, check out www.fd-inspired.com.


Modern luxury is about something special, one-of-a-kind, rare, coveted. Ours is a collection of exceptional 20th century jewels, comprised of pieces from the most prestigious houses. With a central case dedicated entirely to Cartier of all periods, icons such as the Tutti Frutti, the Panther and a Mystery Clock are represented.

cartier-braceletcartier-braceletcartier-braceletTweet me your favorite vintage purchase ever – I’d love to know! Xo

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