Video Tutorial: Best Contour Makeup Routine

March 4th // 4 Comments

We all remember this now famous photo of Kim Kardashian, where she shared with us a behind the scenes look at how she really gets her facial features to stand out: by using the best contour makeup technique! Applying a darker foundation or cream concealer for contouring isn’t as difficult as it seems; if Kim’s picture is confusing you, I added two really great YouTube video tutorials from and below that make it super simple to follow a contouring makeup routine.


Video Tutorial: Best Contour Makeup Routine

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

We made cream concealer for contouring easy with our Motives for La La Color Perfection Quad but I want to know some of the best contour makeup products in your makeup arsenal. How do you contour your face?

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4 Responses to Video Tutorial: Best Contour Makeup Routine

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  3. Lin says:

    Thank you so much for this amazing tutorial video, very informative. I love it!!!

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  4. Niki Stevenson says:

    Thank you Loren for this informative video. I have been having trouble on where to place my concealer and this really helped explain it to me. It will be easier now to contour and conceal. Awesome!! You are always there for us, I really appreciate it!!

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