MAWC2013 Day 3: All That Glitters

February 2nd // 7 Comments

Everyone knows how much I love a little bling and I went big today for my look since my brother Steve and I had our social media presentation. The white and gold felt fresh and glamorous, although I must admit (to those of you who weren’t in the audience!), I did kick off my shoes halfway through! Those red soles always look good but don’t always feel good ;) .

I’m wearing a Balmain jacket, Calypso St. Barth sequin pants, Christian Louboutin platforms and Hermes and Cartier jewelry.


My daughter Amber and I took a quick photo backstage before we went upstairs and to sign 2013 International Convention tickets and I had to share her look with you! It’s the epitome of spring fashion in a beautiful palette of pastels!

She is wearing a Zara jacket, Topshop blouse, Balmain pants and Casadei shoes.

amber-ridinger-loren-ridinger-styleAnd that’s a wrap! Thanks so much for following all of our fashion moments during our 2013 Market America World Conference. It was an INCREDIBLE weekend filled with thousands of entrepreneurs, pushing each other to live their dreams and be their best self. There’s no place I’d rather be! xo

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7 Responses to MAWC2013 Day 3: All That Glitters

  1. louis says:

    Great!! I loooove your bangle….

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  3. Thank you for shairing the pics and for ALL you do for MA.

    I love how you empower women. Looking good and feeling good does that.

    Congratulations on Amber’s baby news.

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  4. Mary Jane Brutzman says:

    Thanks all the MA team for all your hard work to make Miami possible. Everyone on stage looked fabulous!

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  5. Beautiful!


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  6. janice says:

    I have an idea Loren…..why don’t you (in your spare time ha-ha) put your name on a shoe line that IS comfortable AND stylish AND affordable to the majority of women? Just kidding, as you have more than enough on your plate, but if one is going to pay that kind of money for a pair of shoes, don’t you think they should be comfortable? Think of the gratitude/happiness women would have if you made that possible :^))

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