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  • #repost @duanemclaughlin thank you baby and to my amazing daughter @amberridinger my man @jrridinger @kamalhaute @iamjamiefoxx @fatjoe and all my friends who are my family. I love u. Thank u for making this such a magical night. Love u all. #family #love #happy
  • Join #MotivesMaven, @glitz_n_glam tomorrow 9PM EST LIVE on MeetON.com - to learn how to look your #Thanksgiving best! #dontmissit #motivescosmetics #mua #holidaymakeup #makeuptutorial đź’„đź’‹
  • Never know what to expect. But it's always the best. Love them @jrridinger @iamjamiefoxx @fatjoe @amareisreal @kamalhaute @duanemclaughlin #sandman
  • I have the most amazing friends ;). Thank u for all the love @kamalhaute @iamjamiefoxx
  • Nothing like getting surprised by those who love u.  #love #celebration
  • Love them. #bestfriends #celebration #hbd @larsapippen @maryfloyd
  • They surprised me. I love them
  • On my birthday - All I want and need is #Peace -hugs and love are up and out for Antoine Leiris and Melvil who lost their beautiful wife and mommy in the recent Paris attacks
Celebrity Style

Emma Stone Hairstyles to Inspire Your Hair Transformation


When it comes to celebrity style inspiration, it seems like everyone has a favorite. Chic girls love Jennifer Aniston’s straight-layered locks. Edgy babes are all about ladies like Kylie Jenner or Rihanna. If you’re a girl that loves a little bit of everything when it comes to hair then Emma Stone is your celebrity hair […]

Celebrity Style

Kim K’s Maternity Style for Baby No.2


My beautiful friend, Kim Kardashian and her husband, Kanye, are expecting their second baby. While pregnant with North, Kim’s maternity style was much more understated, with a few exceptions. Now, with baby no. 2, Kim is throwing those old-fashioned maternity style rules out the window. She’s doing her own thing and looks amazing as she […]

Beauty Tips

Time Saving Beauty Tips


When you don’t have enough time to do your makeup in the morning, you end up having to beatify yourself on your commute or when you get to your desk. It’s time to simplify your morning routine because your boss doesn’t need to see you applying mascara when you should be working on that report, […]

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