Shop Online Like A Pro

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Searching through racks of clothes and dealing with pushy salespeople can be daunting. Which is why shopping online is a great alternative. There are ways to shop online that can save you both time and money. Here are some of my tips on how to become a pro at online shopping.

Fitting Room Price Comparison 

I find that shopping strictly at brick and mortar stores restricts you from taking advantage of fabulous online deals. If you spot an item at a store but your size is out of stock or if you have a hunch that it is available elsewhere for less, search this product on your phone right from the fitting room.

Many stores do not have a large selection of sale items, but online stores might and you could score BIG! This knowledge will also put you in a better bargaining position should you choose to buy it from the store you’re in.One trick I found helpful is using Just find the item you wish to buy, ‘hukk it’ and once it goes on sale you will be notified. Ah-mazing!

Price Matching

If you are a veteran online shopper, then you know that prices vary on the internet. If
you fall in love with something at one store, search for that item online and ask the store to match the lower price you find. More stores than you think offer such arrangements. Nordsdrom for one, is quite willing to match prices to get your business. This really is a win/win situation because you remain a loyal patron to the store and you leave feeling good about the price of your purchase.

The Perfect Fit

I know first-hand what it’s like to think that you’re one size, only to have your online purchase not fit. To avoid this, once you’ve placed your item in your shopping cart, google the designer’s size chart. Some designers tend make things smaller, others bigger or worse yet, have an odd fit. So be sure to read reviews on the item, when available.

“Discount Code,” Promo Code,” and “Coupon” 

Never checkout from an online store without searching for their current online offers, first. This not only applies to boutiques, but to any e-commerce site. Some stores have 15% off first time purchase coupons, others offer free shipping. Very rarely will you encounter an online store without a promo offer out there. If you ask me, this is the added bonus to shopping online.

I am a huge fan of private sale sites and also love to shop on SHOP.COM where I get money back for purchasing items I would be buying anyway. Do you have any online shopping techniques that have worked for you?

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Party Looks On A Budget

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No matter the event, when I see the words, ‘You’re Invited,’ I get excited because that means playing dress-up and shopping. While it isn’t practical to buy a new outfit for every occasion, I like to invest in versatile pieces that can be easily mixed and matched. Here are my top picks for ready-to-wear party outfits that won’t break the bank.


The classic LBD makes every woman feel slim, sexy and sophisticated! Personally, my closet is full of these insta-party dresses in all sorts of silhouettes. If you have room in your budget, I suggest buying two little black dresses. One in a fitted sleeveless variety and another in a lacy ¾ sleeve. These dresses are a good base for anything evening affair and can be dressed up or down depending on the party.

The Statement Necklace

Statement jewelry is one of the easiest accessories to add to an outfit to achieve the ‘party girl’ look. Feeling blah in a plain dress? Throw on some sparkling jewels and I bet you’ll feel a lot more festive! Jewelry doesn’t have to be exspensive. One of my favorite stores to shop for costume jewelery is Forever 21. They have pretty baubles starting as low as $2 and rarely have jewels for over $20. Start collecting a piece or two everytime you have a chance and before you know it you’ll be sparkling all over!


It’s a given, a black high heel will go with just about any outfit. I suggest buying a pair that is slightly pointed at the toe and in either matted leather or suede. Make sure that you like the shoes for the way they fit and not just the way they look. You’ll end up throwing these on a lot more if they don’t kill your feet every time you go out! Add some color to your wardrobe with a pair of brightly hued high heels, as well. Same rules apply about shopping for comfort. Perhaps go for an open toe to switch it up a bit.

Dressy Separates

Having a handful of pretty skirts in a variety of colors mixed in with an assortment of dressy tops can be an easy way to create many different outfit combos. While these pieces may already be in your closet, start mixing and matching to find outfits that are suitable for a night out and not just the office. Go for ‘rich’ fabrics like lace, silk, faux leather and chiffon for an effortless party look. Accessorize with some bling and you’re good to go!

Here are some ensembles you’re bound to love!


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Color Crash Course: MINT

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Mint chocolate chip may be one of the most popular flavors of all time. It’s no wonder then that the fashion world would hop on board and bring the beloved shade to life. There’s mint everything this spring; from clothing to accessories you simply can’t go wrong. Liven things up with some fabulously minty pairings by mixing and matching to create a perfectly coordinated look!

B&W + Mint 

Adding a ‘pop of color’ to a plain black and white outfit doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to be using a bright or bold color. Try implementing a bit of muted light green into an otherwise basic outfit for a fresh take. You can rework your favorite little black dress with a pair of colorful Mary Janes for a night out.

Mint + Beige

Take boring beige tones to the next level by teaming them up with some pretty minted green. Use cream and tan variations as your base and try accessorizing with pastel baubles in this sweet shade. The other girls will be green with envy over your sophisticated yet simple look!

Navy + Mint

The richness of a deep navy or royal blue balances the softness of mint with practical perfection. While blue and green are neighbors in the color spectrum, we see a new light shed on the duo when combining the two in opposing saturation. For a casual look, you can pair mint with your favorite jeans. Rock this leather jacket day-to-night with fitted blue jeans or a cute dress.

Mint + Coral

While orange and green aren’t exactly a common pair (pumpkins anyone?), when the shades are toned down a bit you may be surprised at how well they compliment each other. Cue the coral – a lovely orange with a pink undertone it surprisingly compliments any skin tone goes great with mint. When matched together, they add a soft touch of femininity to your look.

Emerald + Mint

What a regal way to wear monochrome! Rich emerald with easy-going mint make a beautiful duo. A great way to wear the monochromatic trend without looking boring in one color head-to-toe is to play with the shades. Light meets dark in the name of the game her. You can accessorize with textured fabrics such as leather, perhaps in your handbag, for added interest.

Whether you’re off to work, enjoying a casual Saturday or having a night on the town, add a dash of greenery to your outfit for a fresh taste of spring. Crisp and clean, this hue will add class and elegance to any look.






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Smart Tax Refund Splurges

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It’s tax season already and while we dread this time of year for obvious reasons, like for having to get organized and meet deadlines; it’s a fantastic time to shop! About 80% of us receive a check in the mail so why not make our hard earned money count. Make the most of your tax refund by choosing to spend it on smart splurges.

A  high-quality classic style shoe such as a nude or a black pointy stiletto (or a pair of flats – whichever tickles your fancy), is the kind of investment you want to be spending your money on. It’s a timeless piece that will go with virtually everything! The amount you end up spending on a pair of well-made shoes compared to the amount of times you wear them will certainly justify the splurge.

Another everyday essential to consider splurging your tax return on is a new leather handbag and wallet. Kate Spade offers adorable designs in vibrant hues that will have you smiling all day long just carrying it around! A sturdy handbag is a vital part of any outfit because of the amount of use it gets. So why not liven it up with a pop of color?

Spending money on beauty products is one of the best ways to treat yourself. It doesn’t matter what size you are or what job you have; perfume and lipstick are two items that no woman can ever get enough of. One woman who knew her scents well was Coco Chanel. Her perfumes are legendary and timeless till this day. Whether you prefer a classic musk, deep masculine or refreshing florals, as far as investments go, Chanel has you covered.

A pair of broken in blue jeans is the ultimate go-to splurge. Step up your game by selecting a pair that’s fitted and skinny in either a dark indigo or a crisp white. The two contrasting hues make for the best transition pieces. The can go from casual to dressy in no time Just be wise with your accessories and what tops you pair them with. Well-made jeans can last a long time as long as you care for them properly.

If your tax return is significantly higher than expected, outfit yourself with a few everyday essentials, lasting you for seasons to come. So go ahead, you’ve earned it!

How are you planning to spend your tax refund this year? Comment below!

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The Power Of A Pencil Skirt

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Women have the power to dominate in the corporate world and dressing the part is one of the perks. There’s no use in getting caught up in the pants game when there are so many beautiful skirt options available. As with most things, you just have to think outside the box. So, this season it is all about the polished and professional pencil skirt! A simple, yet sophisticated piece every woman should own; the power of a pencil skirt lies in the tailored fit that showcases our natural feminine silhouette.

A couple of things to keep in mind when shopping for this wardrobe essential:

  • Make sure it is tailored to your body type. This piece is built around the fact that it highlights your waist – take your pencil skirt to a local tailor to ensure a proper fit in your hips and waist every time.
  • Before purchasing, check to see that the length is appropriate for work by sitting down and checking the rise. Also note that these skirts commonly come with a slit either in the center back or near the side – be sure it’s not too revealing. There’s nothing worse than having to readjust yourself every time you stand up or sit down.

Ideas on how to wear this piece to the office:

  • Go for a timeless leopard print in a structured pencil skirt to add a bit of an edge to your everyday work attire. Balance this sultry piece with a bit of sweetness in a playful black and white Peter Pan collared blouse.
  • Look fabulous in a floral pattern with bright blooms perfect for celebrating the springtime season! Pair with like colors in the form of a sleeveless blouse with beaded details to add a bit of a sparkle.
  • Get a little fancy with a ladylike lace pencil skirt in a bold color for a fresh take on this classic silhouette. Pair it with a contrasting texture in a complimenting color such as chambray to have this look scream “sophistication” without appearing overly pretentious.
  • Teamed with a gem-toned skirt, a sheer flowing top will balance out your ensemble nicely. Keeping in mind that every outfit should have equal parts of fitted and flowing, this pair will work wonders to accentuate your waistline.
  • A bold colored top combined with a fun printed skirt in a neutral tone is an exquisite way to stand apart from the crowd. Paired with a neutral shade, the brighter counterpart of this look will be able to shine without overpowering. Balance is key when wearing colors and prints together.

Dare to wear this slimming garment and see the hidden power of the pencil skirt. In a field often monopolized by men, this corporate workday look brings an edge to your feminine presence and will make you stand out as a key player. Don’t blend into a room full of grey slacks – exercise your womanhood using this elegant garment.

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