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Most Fashionable Pinterest Boards to Follow

April 22nd // Comment Here

Looking for endless fashion inspiration? Head over to Pinterest’s vast selection of pretty pictures for the ultimate fashion, beauty and lifestyle gems! I like to think of Pinterest as my very own personalized online magazine that is constantly being published by all my favorite tastemakers, bloggers and brand names.

Do you want an enviable Pinterest feed full of inspirational personal style posts, outfit ideas, DIY projects and beauty tips? Follow my favorite Pinners and Boards below:

Personal Style: Admire the great personal style posts from top fashion bloggers and everyday girls to gain inspiration on what you should be wearing today. Introduce yourself to exciting prints, fun colors and up-and-coming brands by following these essential style boards:

- Project Fab

- Street Chic

- Personal Style

- What to Wear

- Style Bloggers

- Outfits

Celebrity Style: Get the look of the stars! With style stars popping up everywhere, I’m grateful for these curated style boards that showcase the best of what Hollywood has to offer; from the red carpet, to the sidewalks and behind the scenes.

- Style Icons

- Rachel Bilson Style

- Celebrity Style

- Star Looks That Inspire Us

- Shop the Street Style

DIY Fashion: Make your own fun with these helpful tutorials that show you how to get the trendy looks for less by doing them yourself! Grab a gal pal, a bag a sequins, sewing materials and your trusty glue-gun because it’s time to get crafty with it!

 - DIY


- Style DIY’s + Fixes

- P.S. I Made This

Hairstyles + Makeup Ideas: Tired of the same beauty routine? Spice it up a bit with these excellent beauty tips! Everything from how to properly apply bronzer to beautiful behind the scene shots of runway models categorized for your viewing pleasures!

- Hair + Beauty

- Beauty Secrets

- Makeup Ideas

Outfit Ideas: What girl hasn’t Googled ‘what to wear to a wedding’, ‘outfit ideas for school’ or ‘what to wear today?’ Let’s cut to the chase and get your connected with the best style boards with outfit ideas for days.

- What to Wear Anywhere

- Outfit of the Day

- Outfit Ideas + Inspirations

Pinterest is the kind of place where you can spend countless hours just admiring beautiful graphics, learning new tricks and finding inspiration for your own personal style. I’ve handpicked some of the best boards to follow for all your fashion needs – now get to Pinning!



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App that measures your bra size

April 4th // Comment Here

Did you know that you are supposed to get rid of your old bras every 8 months? This may not be common knowledge and neither is the fact that most women are guilty of wearing the wrong size bra to begin with. Imagine all the discomfort! In tune of 80 percent of us are guilty of this.

Apparently the problem has now been solved. There’s a little app called Thirdlove. It enables women to measure their dimensions in the privacy of their own home using two iPhone selfies. I know how much we love those. With this invaluable information you can then go shopping on their website where they sell customizable panties and bras.


Will you be trying this new technology or are you an old fashion kind of shopper?

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Karl Lagerfeld Launches an App

April 2nd // Comment Here

You might have heard, Karl Lagerfeld has come out with an emoji app and it’s mostly to promote his new fragrance. But’s fun nonetheless. Now you can send your friends pictures of his iconic silhouette and accessories to ‘Karlify’ your messages. This may just be what your life’s been missing. So what are these emojis of? Karl’s signature glasses, ponytail, fingerless gloves and beloved cat Coupette. Text messaging may never be the same.

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ASAP54: Fashion’s Newest App Will Find Your Favorite Pieces

March 21st // Comment Here

Well folks, it’s here. Probably the coolest app to hit the fashion scene… ever. ASAP54 has arrived to help you track down whatever piece of clothing you HAVE to have. Using a unique combination of visual recognition technology, social media and personal stylists, this app connects you to your must-have item. And better yet – if the app can’t find the exact item you’re lusting after – a team of stylists will work behind-the-scenes to send you five similar alternatives. All within 24 hours! Now that is amazing.

ASAP54: Fashion’s Newest App Will Find Your Favorite Pieces

“I was also looking for a simple way to be connected to what my friends and muses were coveting. I loved the idea of a sneaky peak into other peoples fashion searches that I can turn to for inspiration.” – Daniela Cecilio

Developed by Daniela Cecilio in London, the “Shazam of fashion” was created when she simply couldn’t find certain clothing items she was looking for.

Pretty fab, don’t you agree? You can download the ASAP54 app for free here.


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Topshop x adidas Collaboration Launches Today!

March 20th // Comment Here

Cool collab alert: basics from Adidas are officially getting the Topshop treatment! Launching today in stores and online with Topshop (and Nordstrom!), the iconic athletic company has teamed up with Topshop to launch a line of their 20 signature pieces, but with a fresh twist. Topshop x adidas prices range from $45 for shirts to $180 for sneakers and are a summer wardrobe must-have, “bringing sportswear to street style” this summer.

Topshop x adidas Collaboration Launches Today!

“We wanted to bring some femininity to the range and make the collection fit with all your fashion staples”- Topshop creative director Kate Phelan

YouTube Preview Image

Totally getting my hands on this Topshop x adidas printed sweatshirt ASAP. What about you?

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