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Designer Spotlight: Megan Peterson – Reese & Shore Designs

July 16th // Comment Here

Each beautiful design from Reese & Shore also comes with a sweet and thoughtful creation process behind the scenes. Megan Peterson of Reese & Shore Designs immerses herself into the artful jewelry she creates for her customers. Often expressing personal joy and kindness, her line of jewelry touches the heart far beyond just the thought. This wonderful independent designer has a passion for creating unique pieces to encourage, comfort, and personalize women everywhere.

Out of a desire to create something beautiful and be able to spend more time with her family, Megan began learning how to create jewelry. Motivated by her hunger to learn, she has self-taught the skills that are required to design her beautiful personalized pieces. After receiving a gift of a stamped necklace, she came to the realization that she too could make these kinds of creations!

Featuring her latest skills and personal fancy, Megan is constantly introducing new styles to her clients. She often takes inspiration from her childhood home of the beaches in the Gulf Coast by incorporating lots of blue and aqua colored stones into her pieces. Currently she’s very interested in the vintage inspired jewelry she’s creating because each pieces is unique in its decoration but still a classic keepsake with the touch of a personalized hand stamped design.  She enjoys being able to play with different shades of wire and hand wrapped stones in her sparkling designs.

Her most unique piece comes from a very personal place in her life – while donning on the challenges of being a military spouse while her husband is out on deployment, she decided to create a piece that would comfort and inspire her each day while he was gone. She handcrafted a necklace that says “For You I Will Wait” with her loving husband in mind. This piece has become quite popular in her shop because it resonated with so many other women in the same or similar situations. She is happy to be able to share kind words of inspiration and comfort with women through her jewelry. Megan hopes to be able to expand her line to envelope bridesmaid’s gifts to be worn on the special day and all year round!

From one independent fashion designer to the next, she shares her thoughts of always pushing forward and continuing to learn and increase your level of skill within your industry. One of her first challenges was the feeling of being ‘lost’ among the many designers and online shops – she suggests to other independent designs to not pass up an opportunity to get your products out there – any chance you have, just go for it! You never know what can happen unless you try!

Megan’s heart shows in every piece she creates and we’re so happy to be able to share her independent design journey in this spotlight! Be sure to show your support for this amazing designer and check out her pieces available in her shop (HERE) to share in her sparkling thoughtful designs.

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Summer Jewelry For Every Body Part

July 10th // Comment Here

With statement jewelry being the go-to accessory in the past few seasons, it’s refreshing to see the toned-down delicate take on summer baubles. From rose gold and silver, to layered thin rings and bracelets; the dainty look is a welcomed change of pace. If you’re feeling hesitant about this new approach – like you’ll feel somewhat under-accessorized without your statement pieces – no worries, this less is more tactic actually packs just as much of a punch. Keep reading for a look at some great summer jewelry options.

Ear Cuffs – blinging up the upper part of your ear is great for bringing out a touch of edginess without getting too wild.



Midi Rings – stack a bunch of these for a super chic look that’s still simple and delicate.



Body Chain – perfect for glamming up your beach look, you’ll feel so good in one of these.



Rose Gold Watch – rose gold looks great paired with other metals or on its own, and it will definitely enhance your summer glow.



Initial Necklaces – from your own initials to keeping that special someone close, delicate initial necklaces pair perfectly with a simple white tee.



Arm Cuffs – great for glamming up your killer biceps in your favorite sleeveless top.



How about you? Have you seen any summer jewelry must haves out there?

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Necklaces of the Moment: Delicate Pendants

June 30th // Comment Here

One of my favorite necklaces is a small diamond floral pendant looped through a thin gold chain, it’s something my grandmother gave me and is the one accessory I reach for almost every day. We all have that one sentimental piece.

For women who love fashion, it’s a known fact that accessorizing is a key component to enhancing your personal style. Besides the handbags and the shoes, the jewelry you choose and how you wear it is one of those defining factors for any woman’s look. So, let’s check out some timeless delicate pieces that, although dainty, can make or break an outfit.

Layering Dainty Necklaces:

1. Select a Theme – a key element to layering necklaces is to first decide on a theme of your outfit and then layer your necklaces accordingly. Are you going for something bohemian or free spirit inspired (long layered gold chains, flower pendants, and not as much bling) or are you looking for a more dramatic look (a statement necklace combined with a dainty pendant)? Once you have a theme, selecting your necklace layers will be much easier!

2. Start Small & Build – It’s best to start with your smallest chain length and you’re your way down the neck. The ideal length for your first chain (closest to chin) is something that hits around your collarbone. As a rule of thumb, the smallest pendant, or daintiest necklace, is the shortest layer.

3. Adding the Statement – now, if you want to go for a dramatic look, go ahead and throw in that statement piece. Your statement piece should ideally be in the middle of your arrangement (if you’re layering three necklaces) or at the base of the layers (if you’re only layering two necklaces). It should also be the most colorful and prominent of all your necklaces. Make sure you coordinate your other pieces to complement the base color of your statement piece. For example, if your statement piece has a silver base with bright turquoise stones, keep the rest of your chains silver to complement this. You may even want to throw in a dainty necklace that also has turquoise accents for even more of an impact.

So, with these tips, what do you have to lose? The trend for layering necklaces is hotter than ever right now and although getting the balance right can be tricky, it is definitely possible and so much fun!

Let me know in the comments if you have a favorite layering combination, we’d love to find more inspiration!










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Jewelry Remix

May 16th // Comment Here

If you’re like me, you probably have a lot of jewelry; some old and some new. Instead of throwing out pieces that once were near and dear to your heart, take these simple tricks and re-work them with unexpected yet complimenting styles.

1: Silver + Pastels

While creamy colored pastels have always been a hit for spring, why not wear your new pastel bracelets with an old silver chain you have lying around in that jewelry box of yours? Adding in some pretty candy-colored hues will freshen up the Plain-Jane look of a silver piece in seconds. Be sure to clean up your old silver so it’s the perfect accent to this whimsical new look.

2: Mesh + Cord

Sporty meets chic! Try pairing these two textures in an arm party all its own! I can’t wait to blend these two styles – it’s the ultimate casual-fancy marriage! Try a rose gold mesh bracelet and black cord for a super simple but totally high fashion mix and match look! Take the next step and pair a silver meshed cuff with a printed green and blue braided cord bracelet for a fun and stylish remix.

3: Short + Long Necklaces 

Can’t decide which necklace looks best with the neckline of your top? Wear both! Layer a shorter choker necklace under a long one for a one-of-a-kind look. It’s easy to wear your two favorite necklaces without having to decide which to pick as long as they are the same style; i.e. keep the pretty jewels together and the bohemian leather-feather pieces together.

4: Tassels + Beads

Beads are pretty standard and to be expected when looking through your jewelry box. Why not mix things up and throw in a couple of high class tassel pieces to bring out the chic and sophisticated you. No longer reserved for the curtains, tassels are the perfect accent on a necklace or as classy earrings (cue in inspiration from Audrey Hepburn please!) Try layering a long beaded necklace with a long chained necklace adorned by a single black tassel – viola you’re ready for a night out!

5: Studs + Flowers

The absolute best remix of jewelry lies in contrasting two completely different styles. I’m talking about mixing your bad-girl attitude studs and spikes with pretty girly florals. While they may not seem like they would go together right off the bat, they create a high-contrast to stir up interest and visual appeal like no other.  Try this look for school or on your day off of work. It make take a little getting used to, to be pulled in such polar opposite directions. Are you ready to take the plunge and stir up some sweet whimsical rebellion?

I’m so excited about mixing and matching my jewelry that I might just go out and buy some new pieces to add to my options! What’s your best-kept remixing secret for finding new ways to wear jewelry?























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Make A Statement With Your Jewelry

April 24th // Comment Here

Feeling the need to dress things up a bit? Any plain tee, simple little black dress or an otherwise uninteresting outfit can be instantly revived with a little help from sparkling baubles. Throw on a pair of dangling earrings, a chunky necklace or a cocktail ring and you’ve gone from boring to beautiful!

While statement jewelry can be an easy way to add a bit of pizzaz to an outfit, some rules do apply. Here are a couple of things to keep in mind when frosting yourself with sparkles:

1 Statement Piece per Outfit – Choose one main piece to be the ‘statement’ and if you choose any additional pieces, go for a minimal look. If you wear a large necklace and large earrings, it can be a bit overwhelming – try to stick to one big piece per outfit.

Choose 1 Type of Metal – Sticking to the same colored metal throughout your jewelry creates a cohesive look. Occasionally mixing gold and silver works, but generally staying within the same family of colored metal works best.

Compliment with Colors – Pick a color from your outfit and try to incorporate it in your jewelry. Choosing one or two colors to compliment your clothing and add balance. If all else fails, go for a simple clear-jeweled statement necklace.

Statement jewelry has seen a rise in popularity in recent years, with many retailers selling pieces at $15 and under. There’s no reason not to try this trend with all the super fun options out there!

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