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How to Wear the ‘Model-Off-Duty’ Look

July 22nd // Comment Here

You’ve seen it plastered all over your favorite fashion blogs: ever so cool street style from girls who take sartorial chic to a whole new level. It’s not quite high fashion the way a story in your favorite magazine would be, but it’s not top-to-bottom precisely styled like a mannequin in a window, either. It’s somewhere in between, that badass meets elegant look – that’s a model’s off duty style. How do you achieve that ‘you-can-photograph-me-if-you-want’ truly effortless look? Here are three tips to get you in the right direction:

1. It can’t be perfect.

One of the keys to achieving this look is to really embrace a relaxed, casual attitude about the whole thing. You don’t need to be too prim and proper–think great fitting clothes that still feel relaxed and comfortable. Jeans and tee work perfectly as a base. Or perhaps a skater skirt and an old leather jacket you love.

2. Try one ‘It’ piece.

To make it even easier, focus on only having one statement piece. Be it a stunning handbag or a fierce pair of boots, one ‘It’ item that everything else centers around is all you need. Be sure that you don’t overcomplicate an outfit with too many prints or colors – you want it to be casual, you know?

3. Walk the walk.

If you search for street style photos you love, you’ll notice one unifying theme: great posture. It elongates you body and exudes confidence even in a still photograph. Walk tall and confidently, and a great walk will ensure you’re wearing the clothes–not the other way around! Also, make sure you wear comfortable shoes – you don’t want to be tripping over your feet in statement heels that are 5” high while off duty, do you?

What’s your favorite model-off-duty look? I’m totally going for this look by Miranda Kerr – she’s just so stinkin’ cute!

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White on White

July 17th // Comment Here

When it comes to putting together a look that is sleek and sophisticated, I often find that I go for the neutrals and don’t always gravitate towards the extremely bright colors. While many time I’d swear by my collection of black basics (man, I love a little black dress that fits just perfect!), I think an all-white ensemble makes for a much more refreshing statement. It’s easy to feel intimidated when putting together a monochromatic look—especially one that’s all-over ivory. Talk about taking a risk for attracting stains! But if there’s ever a time to tackle this fashion obstacle, it’s now!

The Spring and Summer collections of The Row, Stella McCartney, and Alexander Wang showed white in the form of pantsuits, separates, and gauzy gowns, thus predicting that adding white to your wardrobe is a must this year. If these designer duds aren’t convincing enough, take a peek at my three style tips below…

1.    Transition the Trend

If you’re still hesitant about investing in summer looks when fall is right around the corner, don’t be afraid to “white out” with pieces that transition through the seasons. Pair a white structured blazer with high-waisted jeans. Then add darker accessories like riding boots or a lightweight scarf to transition your outfit from summer to fall. Try incorporating white into cozy textures that are created to be worn in the evening and cooler season, like wool, cashmere, and cable knits. Feel free to pull out your linens and silks in the summer too! As long as the warmth of yo

ur outfit is suitable for that season, the trend will translate and transition beautifully.

2. Cream Dream

If you have more cream than white in your closet, you can still achieve the same monochromatic effect. I love the idea of pairing a milky-hued tuxedo jacket with cream silk pants on days when the night air is crisp and chilly but the summer sun is out to play. Cream can also give off a softer vibe than bright white if you’re an avid follower of the “no white before labor day” rule. Keep the rest of your look neutral with a metallic clutch and nude heels.

3.    Take the Plunge

Now that summer is in full swing, feel free to pull out your eyelets, lace, and linen. Mixing and matching textures works well with whites—lace and cashmere looks just as chic as an all-white ensemble that is 100% silk. I would suggest balancing your monochromatic look with a pop of pastel, like a pair of mint green flats or a robin’s egg blue cardigan. But now that summer has hit, adding white accessories to your outfit is totally a must.

There’s really no excuse not to try this trend, since it transitions gracefully from season to season. Now the only question is…how will you wear this trend?

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How to Mix and Match: Fruity Tangelo Orange

July 16th // Comment Here

While Chanel smartly teamed this juicy hue with bold graphic patterns, I love the idea of wearing an orange coat! This color lends a touch of sportiness and pairs so well with white, navy, and cream. The tangy shade also looks great on a variety of skin tones, from fair to olive and more – pulling out naturally beautiful pigments in all. It’s

 one of those special colors, like blue and coral that brightens up most complexions!

Tangelo + Chalk

Your favorite little white tee can be dressed up with just a little dose of color – you should definitely try some tangelo on to mix things up! Pick up a comfortable maxi skirt to pair with a simple white tee and layer on the happy colors of orange and cream! Delicious as those two sound together, they really do make such a pretty pair!

Tangelo + Navy

Such a regal duo – navy blue and tangelo orange we practically made for each other! Since both shades radiate the deepest of hues form their respective color families, they play very well without immediately clashing. My favorite way to pair these two is with a bit of a print – think nautical navy stripes for summer! Mixed with coordinating accessories, it’s best to let one item do the walking and another do the talking – keep them balanced and not overbearing.

Tangelo + Slate

So you’ve tried the white and orange creamsicle look, but want to step it up just a little more…go for a darker neutral and slip a little slate gray into your look. Mixing tan neutrals and dark gray accessories against an orange dress create a look that can easily transition from summer to fall with the addition or subtraction of season-appropriate accessories in the same colors. Adding in a bit of gold jewelry will balance things out nicely!

Tangelo + Tomato

For the most wild of us style stars, here’s a wonderful challenge that will have you glowing with the brightest and best of ‘em: mixing tangelo orange with a scarlet tomato red! Be sure to balance out your look with the appropriate neutrals – I suggest cream or light nude shades with this combo. This look is the best for summertime – why not go for a fitted pant and flowy white tank accessorized by sparkling jewels in these hot hues.

What do you think – are you ready to try on this delicious shade and go for bold? Share with me your favorite color combo and how you’d wear this trendy look below in the comments!


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Must-Have Summer Hats

July 11th // Comment Here

Nothing says summer quite like the perfect hat. From big straw hats to visors, they’re the best seasonal accessory out there. Doing double duty by making you look totally glam and protecting your face and head from the sun, a hat for summer is absolutely essential. No matter your budget or style needs, there’s a hat out there for everyone – perfect for shoving in your beach bag to investment hats that you’ll wear for years to come. Take a look at these hats for the summer that will leave you feeling like your inner celebrity is here to stay.

Floppy Summer Hat by American Apparel, $38.

Sunny Woven Hat by Eugenia Kim via Net-A-Porter, $415

Textured Summer Straw Hat by JCrew, 25 (On Sale!)

Two-Tone Panama Hat by JCrew, $65

Eric Javits Braid Dame Hat via Nordstrom, $95

Floppy Straw Hat by Gap, $19

Rollaway Sun Visor by L.L.Bean, $35

Lacey Sun Hat by Club Monaco, $80

Have you found your perfect hat for summer?






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Shoes That Will Make You Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

July 11th // Comment Here

Stepping out of your comfort zone when it comes to shoes can be a tough one. We are all creatures of habit (and comfort!) when it comes to certain aspects of our personal style, but shoes take on a whole new comfort level – because in many cases they actually have to be…well, comfortable! Whether you’re headed to the black tie event of the year or en route to the office, struggling with shoes that hurt can be a problem. However, getting out of a style rut and stepping out of your comfort zone, especially when it comes to funky shoe trends, can be so much fun! Keep reading for a look at the latest shoe trends – many are more like art – which ones do you think you’ll branch out and try?

Birkenstock-Esqe “Mandals” with a Twist

Stuart Weitzman The Freely Sandal – Natural cork meets metallic

Steve Madden ‘Boundree’ Calf Hair Sandal – Swanky + sensible?

Block Heels

Zara Leather Wide Heel – Perfect for the office in cool pastels

Marni Edition Metallic-Leather and Satin Sandal – Quirky fringe sets these apart


Britt Crystal Mule Wedge – A funky take on a classic shoe

10 Crosby Derek Lam ‘Jiles’ Mule – Snakeskin meets mule

Flat Sandals

Sam Edelman ‘Eavan’ – Gladiator meets simple summer sandal.

Ann Taylor Raine Metallic Flip Flops – The basic flip flop goes glam

Michael Kors Guiliana Flat Sandal – Colorblocking for the feet

Have you seen any funky shoe trends this season you just can’t resist?





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