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6 Ways to Wear Silk Head Scarves

July 30th // 1 Comment

Playing around with my grandma’s vintage scarves as a girl was always a fun pastime – and boy am I glad I saved a few of those gems! That’s right, silk head scarves are back ladies! Here’s my favorite ways to wear these beautiful accessories as inspired by my grandma!

1. Turban Style

 The second style is the turban and looks best with twists. Gather all the twists into a low ponytail and place the scarf on your head with the long side on the back. Grab the long hanging ends and tie them in the front twice. Twist each end and tuck them into the back of the turban. Then grab the front and roll it into itself and tuck it into the node at the top. Release the twists in the back and you are good to go on your funky turban style.

2. Buns

Grab all your hair and wrap it into a lose bun. Place the scarf with the long side in the front and make sure it completely covers the bun. Then tie the scarf to secure it. Grab one of the ends, wrap it around the bun and secure it underneath the scarf. Repeat the on the other side. Push it back to reveal a bit of hair and you are done.

3. Crazy Pirate

This style is perfect for beachwear! Place the scarf with the long side in the front. Tie the two ends twice, high up on the side of your head, right over your ear. This will look great with any bathing suit for a day at the beach.

4. The Chiquita Banana

This is one of my favorites and I call it Chiquita Banana. Wrap the scarf around your head and tie it in the front. Tie it 3 times and then twist each end and tuck it into the scarf.

5. Twisted Knot

Wrap the scarf around your head towards the back. Bring the two ends to the front and tie them in a knot twice. Twist the remaining two ends together and tuck it into the side of the scarf and you are done.

6. Criss-Crossed

This one is similar to the Chiquita Banana. Place the scarf on your head and bring the ends towards the front. Cross the ends twice then cross them again. Tie them in the back twice to secure them, then tuck it the ends.

So what do you think? Will you try these vintage-inspired silk scarf looks? Tell me which one is your favorite in the comments below!

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Ideas For Wearing Denim Jackets

July 28th // Comment Here

Summer is in full swing now! No doubt by now you’ve taken out all the dresses, shorts, and skirts that were put away for the cold weather. Many of those beautiful items, require a little more casual look to match the relaxing events of the summer season. Out and about, spending a day shopping with your friends, hanging out at the beach, going for an outdoor film night with your date – all those breezy summer events require you to consider a little more casual look with something warm to put on when the sun goes down. What about a denim jacket?

This comfortable and sexy piece of clothing is not only fabulous fashion element, but it also transitions into every season from the catwalk to the streets. Here is a simple guide for you to follow for what to wear with this versatile piece of clothing – the denim jacket!

1. Skinny Jeans

Doubling up on denim is an easy way to wear two trends in one! This J. Crew denim jacket with a crisp white shirt, black skinny jeans, animal print tip toe pumps and a huge bag is the perfect smart-casual outfit to head over to a friend’s rooftop BBQ that will last long into the late summer’s night!

2. Trousers

When looking for a casual outfit that works for a day at work or an unexpected meeting, the denim jacket with trousers duo is the best solution. It’s and amazingly comfortable choice that adds a classy touch by choosing tailored pants. Dressing up this outfit with booties or heels will lend a hand in creating a classy yet casual vibe that makes this outfit work for any occasion.

3. Flirty Skirt

Mixing up your tough girl act with a flirty skirt adds a touch of personality to your outfit when you play with color and texture like this look above. Summer trends are all about the skirts; I mean hey, it’s conveniently breezy, right? Pair a textured denim jacket with a lightweight skirt in chiffon or jersey for the perfect contradiction of girly badass style!

4. Summery Dresses

Don’t you just love ‘The Blonde Salad’ blogger Chiara Ferragani? She’s wearing a gorgeous green and blue summer dress at Coachella 2014 with a denim jacket – and you can too!

Change up your usual go to summer dress options by layering on a denim jacket when headed out to a summery date. This jacket will lend a hand in styling and warmth if you plan on spending the night walking the boardwalk or catching a movie in the park!

What is your favorite way to mix and match this trendy garment? Share with me your favorite style inspirations in the comments section! I want to know!


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Summer Braids to Try Now

July 28th // 2 Comments

There’s no better season when braids are all the rage than summer, when everything is in bloom and comes back to life. Your hair needs its well-deserved rest from all the pain it suffered during the cold winter months with constant blow drying and overdoing it with product. Instead of drying your hair and overcomplicating your routine with product upon product, opt for the simple solution of braiding your hair when it’s wet for a beautiful look that requires hardly any work! Plus, when your hair starts to dry by evening, pull out your braids for a beautiful beachy wave! Now that’s why I love summer so much!

Why not give these gorgeous styles a try?

1. One-Sided

A cute way to do a half up half down hairdo is to part your hair on one side and to braid that part of your hair. It looks amazing and it works wonders for keeping your hair in place. Moreover, you can still have your long hair left loose to dance in the wind.

2. Braided Bun

A simple, yet very stylish way of braiding your hair in an elegant manner is the one in the above-mentioned photo. It is just a collection of braids, carefully pinned at the back of your head. It looks, amazing doesn’t it?

3. Braid-In-Braid

A super interesting way to braid your hair is to have a small braid within your main braid that adds a little edge and makes braiding more complicated. Still, remember that no hairstyle is impossible to do, so try it out! You will be surprised of the reactions of people to it, as it looks amazing and fascinating.

By the way, do you know the history of braiding?

Braids are considered to have existed as long as 30000 year ago, when they were shown in statues such as Venus of Willendorf., A few thousand of years after the creation of that particular piece, there was another sculpture that depicts a braided hairstyle, called Venus de Brassempouy. Besides these sculptures, different types of braided hairstyle are known to have emerged during the reign of pharaohs in ancient Egypt.

Braiding was known as a social art, a way of communicating things about yourself, and the style of braiding could tell another person whether you were married or not, or what was you social status, without that person even talking to you. These intricate designs were passed down from generation to generation and while braiding your hair, it was the time to socialize with your sisters and girlfriends.

So which of these styles are you going to try out? I’m absolutely in love with the braid-in-braid style that combines different sizes of braids to create a unique look! Tell me about your favorites in the comments below!


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Adorable Instagram Alert: @coffeenclothes

July 23rd // Comment Here

If there’s one thing fashionista love it’s coffee! Well, and red lipstick, sky-high heels, coats as capes, polkadots mixed with stripes, and…. Okay, so we love a lot of different things, but we can’t live without our coffee! Whether you take it iced with lots of milk and sugar (like me!), totally black, or soy, non-fat, 2 pumps, and only one raw sugar, we all can attest to the power of coffee! It is our main source of fuel, well that and the inspiration high we live off after devouring the latest glossies from Vogue! There’s just no doubt about it: coffee and fashion belong together!

Coffee + Fashion = Match Made in Heaven, right? That’s exactly the thought behind the incredible Instagram account @coffeenclothes. Their account features fashionable folk, well only their lower halves, along with their good ol’ cup of Joe

Check out these adorable shots up on their account now!

If you too would like your 15 minutes of fame, ala @coffeenclothes IG account, tag your Selfie-with-coffee #coffeenclothes for a possible chance at being reposted. Now go, get some cute shoes on, find a delicious coffee and get snapping! And don’t give me the excuse your makeup isn’t done since the only mug we’ll be looking at is your coffee…this is the Saturday morning shoot you’ve been waiting for – and yes, fuzzy slippers do count as shoes!

Written by Kate Heimann

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Mermaid Hair Obsession

July 23rd // 1 Comment

Pink lipstick is pretty great and all, but I have to admit I’ve been especially curious about trends that are completely out of my comfort zone. I’ve been mildly obsessed with mermaid hair for that reason, and any girl who can rock some watercolor hair automatically earns girl crush status in my eyes!

Hey, did you know you can dye your hair with Kool-Aid?

Kool-Aid Dye

Supplies you’ll need:

1-2 packs of unsweetened Kool-Aid (how many you need depends on how thick your hair is)

A disposable plastic cup

A dark towel

Old clothes

Warm water

1. Prepare the Kool-Aid mixture

Turn on the water and let it get warm. Fill the cup 3/4 of the way full with warm water. Take your Kool-Aid packet(s) and pour them into the cup. Stir. Now you have your mixture.

2. Prepare to dip-dye your hair

Before you begin, place your dark-colored towel by the sink. You’ll probably want to sit for this, since it takes 30 minutes. Put on some old clothes and sit down at a table. Place your cup in front of you. Put your hair in a ponytail and dip your hair into the cup. Dip as much as you want to dye. If your table is low, you might want to put your cup on top of some sturdy books. Be careful though. If you spill Kool-Aid, it will stain everything. Leave the hair dipped for 30 minutes.

3. How to rinse the Kool-Aid out

Once the 30 minutes is over, carefully walk to the sink with your cup. Don’t spill it. Rinse your hair out until the water is clear. Don’t shampoo it. Just make sure you get all the Kool-Aid out. You should have a dark-colored or old towel sitting conveniently by the sink. Wrap your hair in it until it dries. Once your hair is dry, it should look awesome!

Even if I never go any further than re-pinning some of my favorite mermaid hair pictures on Pinterest I wouldn’t be opposed to some hair chalk experimenting in the near future. Here are some of the dreamiest mermaid hair inspiration I found – What do you think, would you try this trend?



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