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How To Mix Stripes + Florals

April 28th // Comment Here

The best of both worlds are coming to you at once this season – springtime florals and summertime nautical stripes! I’ve seen this combo gracing the runways of couture shows and ready-to-wear designers alike. Recently, this trend has taken over the streets worn by some of the biggest fashion bloggers as well as everyday girls. Here are some of my favorite ways to wear this fabulous duo:

 Separate But Together

If you’re not the kind of girl who doesn’t like things to always be matchy-matchy, try pairing a printed accessory with a patterned garment. For instance, if you’re wearing a pink and cream striped dress, opt for a floral clutch; or vice versa to ease yourself into wearing this pattern-mixing trend. By using separate pieces it shows that you’re intentionally choosing to mix prints without looking like you’re trying too hard.

A Little Less Than Girly

Okay, so not every girl is all about flowers and pretty pastels and that’s okay! If you’d rather go for a less preppy look of Lauren Conrad and more of a Kate Bosworth bohemian look, skip the pinks and bright colors. Instead, choose greys, blacks, and even navy to create your less is more look in this trendy style. To complete the outfit, add some small pieces of jewelry like a leather bracelet, studded earrings or a pair of original Ray-Bans.

Black + White Sophistication

Looking to make a monochromatic statement? Make it classic by pairing the essential black and white prints together. These two together can be extremely sophisticated if you’re sure to have your garments fitted properly – baggy clothing tends to look a little sloppy, so opt for fitted pants, classic heels, and perhaps a dash of color in your handbag for added interest.

Best of Both Worlds

Thanks to the many designers who have realized that stripes and florals are ‘a thing’ and have started to design garments that expertly combine the two. How perfect is it to just have to invest in one item and be instantly trendy! Sometimes this can even be a money-saving way to try a trend since you’re only buying one piece instead of two!

Would you wear this trend? Tell me what you think of mixing florals and stripes! Comment below with your best ideas.










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Shop the Trend: Pastels

April 22nd // Comment Here

Celebrate springtime in sorbet! I’ve picked some adorable pastel items for you to oh and ah over as you shop your favorite looks this season. Wearing these whisper-light hues has been a seasonal tradition for years, so don’t miss out on finding your perfect pastel garments!

Ready to dive into the colorful world of pastels? Mixing and matching can create some of the most gorgeous springtime looks, so go ahead and create your own custom palette! Pair some lavender jeggings with a baby blue top for a pretty pastel look. Boring beige’s got you down? Accessorize a neutral look with a pop of pink and creamy orange!

The easiest way to play with a color trend is to wear it on your nails. If you don’t think it’s completely your style, you can always wash it off and try another. It’s also the cheapest way to try a trend on for size, because a bottle of nail polish can cost as little as $1 these days. And nail color trends are so versatile! While a trendy top may not go with all of your bottoms, painting your nails once will last you all week and look great with every outfit.

Adding a handbag to the mix is a practical touch for any look. Why not dress up your everyday outfit with one of these soft colored leather selections? Pair with your favorite little black dress for a pop of color or go for a monochromatic look in one color all over. If you’re creating a monochromatic look be sure to play with the texture as well as fabric, i.e. metallic snakeskin for added visual interest.

Liven up your spring wardrobe – go for soft pastels. Whether you style them in a lady-like fashion or pair with bold pieces for a rocker chic look, show off your springtime spirit with these gorgeous hues.



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Style-Worthy Headphones

April 21st // 1 Comment

LADIES. It’s time to make way for the over-the-ear headphones – The new ‘it’ accessory gracing the pages of glossy magazines and popular look books from coast to coast. These super easy-to-wear headphones double as a totally functional tech toy and a really cool, laid back accessory. No matter what your style, there’s an option out there for you and you won’t have any trouble finding the perfect pair. Here are my picks for the perfect set of headphones that combine both style and function and will enhance the cute-ability factor of any outfit:

Casual and fun these minimalist pair of headphones will go well with a tee, cutoff shorts and sandals. No fuss outfit calls for no fuss accessories.

The Apollo by Nixon, $70

Neon is all the rage this season. You don’t have to look far to see handbags and shoes in these bright hues. Wearing these headphones will go well with your fun spring/summer outfits.

Neon Over Ear Headphones by dormify, $24

If over-the-top statement headphones are not your thing, these earbuds might just do the trick. Beautifully designed, they are like wearing jewelry in your ears. It’s like the FRENDS slogan goes, ‘sometimes one isn’t enough.’

Layla Rosegold by Frends, $100

Denim is the universal pairing to any color or texture. The same can be said about these funky denim headphones, they will go with virtually any outfit.


Denim Plattan by Urban Ears, $60

Sleek like a brand new manicure, these headphones have some edge. You can pick out your favorite color to buy these in but remember to match the gold to the hardware in your other accessories.

Skull Candy Navigator in Maroon/Gold, $100

So stylish that even major designers are hopping on board. This Rebecca Minkoff pair is perfect with any of your mint colored outfits this spring and summer.

Rebecca Minkoff Aquamarine Embossed Hologram x Frends, $250

Whether you wear them to a work, to a workout, while walking or just relaxing at home, these headphones will definitely add a little color and some extra glitz to any outfit this season. So, do you have your eye on a pair?



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Color Crash Course: MINT

April 18th // 1 Comment

Mint chocolate chip may be one of the most popular flavors of all time. It’s no wonder then that the fashion world would hop on board and bring the beloved shade to life. There’s mint everything this spring; from clothing to accessories you simply can’t go wrong. Liven things up with some fabulously minty pairings by mixing and matching to create a perfectly coordinated look!

B&W + Mint 

Adding a ‘pop of color’ to a plain black and white outfit doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to be using a bright or bold color. Try implementing a bit of muted light green into an otherwise basic outfit for a fresh take. You can rework your favorite little black dress with a pair of colorful Mary Janes for a night out.

Mint + Beige

Take boring beige tones to the next level by teaming them up with some pretty minted green. Use cream and tan variations as your base and try accessorizing with pastel baubles in this sweet shade. The other girls will be green with envy over your sophisticated yet simple look!

Navy + Mint

The richness of a deep navy or royal blue balances the softness of mint with practical perfection. While blue and green are neighbors in the color spectrum, we see a new light shed on the duo when combining the two in opposing saturation. For a casual look, you can pair mint with your favorite jeans. Rock this leather jacket day-to-night with fitted blue jeans or a cute dress.

Mint + Coral

While orange and green aren’t exactly a common pair (pumpkins anyone?), when the shades are toned down a bit you may be surprised at how well they compliment each other. Cue the coral – a lovely orange with a pink undertone it surprisingly compliments any skin tone goes great with mint. When matched together, they add a soft touch of femininity to your look.

Emerald + Mint

What a regal way to wear monochrome! Rich emerald with easy-going mint make a beautiful duo. A great way to wear the monochromatic trend without looking boring in one color head-to-toe is to play with the shades. Light meets dark in the name of the game her. You can accessorize with textured fabrics such as leather, perhaps in your handbag, for added interest.

Whether you’re off to work, enjoying a casual Saturday or having a night on the town, add a dash of greenery to your outfit for a fresh taste of spring. Crisp and clean, this hue will add class and elegance to any look.






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Pink Suits: Blogger Edition

April 15th // Comment Here

Can you think of a color more feminine than pink? Every shade from florescent fuchsia to a beautiful blush carries an air of sweetness and vivacity that embodies womanhood. A combination of red and white, pink denotes the call to action emitted by the red and the potential for success and insight offered by the white.

Full of energy and passion a bold bright pink compliments all hair colors and skin tones alike. The richness of the hue plays well other bright colors like lime, aqua, royal purple as well as the basic black and white. I love how blogger, Laura Rose of Lara Rose Style styled this fuchsia pant suit with a graphic black and white tee. Keeping it casual with a casual top, yet still structured with a tailored pant and blazer.

While light pink is commonly referred to as baby pink, when a woman dons this pretty pastel hue, it is anything but childish. Try pairing it with neutrals like Tamara, fashion blogger from Tamara Chloe Style Clues, for a foolproof cotton candy chic ensemble and incorporate a print like a contrasting camouflage or chevron for some visual appeal.

If you aren’t ready to dive into a head to toe pink look, try on some suit separates in this dreamy shade. Blogger over at Miss Pouty, Sun, did a gorgeous job of wearing neutrals and complimenting pastel shades to balance her look. Pairing with similarly light colors such as white, beige and light blue, you help ease you into wearing this color in a full suit. Black and white are also a safe combination for trying out new color pairings. Keep this in mind when wearing any new shade for the first time! After a while, you can explore other color options. It’s all about having fun!

For a causal styling of suit separates, try a hot pink fitted blazer with your favorite pair of light wash denim. The denim acts as a balancing agent bringing the outfit from dressy to casual, even when paired with heels. Smart accessories like sleek sunglasses, a bold watch, and a belt at the waist are nice added touches. This is a great way to transitional from day into night, especially if you work in a semi-casual office setting. I love how blogger Mariann from Cashmere In Style, wore her go-to jeans with a brightly colored pink blazer!

I’m totally into this girly business chic look right now! How about you? Comment below and tell me your favorite way to wear this feminine color!


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