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  • I love these two:) @kamalhaute  @lala  repost @kamalhaute
Dinner with 2 Queens #kcablackball @lala @lorenridinger Love You. You represent what true Super women are made of #respect #love
  • With the one and only @mrbrainwash and the fam @jrridinger @duanemclaughlin @amberridinger
  • Meet my family for Halloween #theFoxFamily @amberridinger @duanemclaughlin and precious Ayden
  • Trick or Treat. Happy Halloween look at this hot fox. @amberridinger
  • I love her @amberridinger  #daughters #love #happy #family
  • This video is #Epic @lala loving some #Nas ❤️❤️
  • It was that kinda night and for a great cause #NYC  #KACBlackBall with @therealswizzz @jrridinger
  • Kicking it with these beauties @amberridinger @lala at the #KCABlackball2014
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Celebrity Inspired Fall Makeup Looks

celebrity makeup inspiration

Fashion isn’t the only thing that should change when the seasons do, your makeup should too! Once fall comes, everything gets darker, vampy-er and sexier. Of course, you don’t have to go dark all the way if you think you can’t pull it off but having at least something dark in your makeup will really […]

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Boyfriend Style Remixed

boyfriend style

The tomboy look seems to be one of the favorite trends of fashionistas today, especially this fall. Though obviously not very feminine, the tomboy look is loved by many because it’s comfortable and easy. Of course, you don’t have to be a tomboy to pull off a tomboy look. You can be the most girly […]

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6 Essentials Of A Grunge Girl’s Closet

grunge girls closet

Fashion is having a major throwback moment right now and it’s bringing the 90s grunge back, from makeup to music to outfits! If you were a grunge girl back then, I’m pretty sure you’re excited about the grunge trend being brought to life again. If grunge wasn’t your thing back then, though, why not take […]

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