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  • It never gets old. Loved seeing #Motives Bronzer in @ELLEUK.
  • #ladyliberty #crusingthehudson #takingatimeout
  • #HBD to my brother @fatjoe! Love you! Xoxo
  • Happy Tuesday everyone! 💗
  • Me and my gang @mariacheca01 @kimrashley @maryfloyd
  • Beautiful new look by #MotivesMaven @ElyMarino using @MotivesCosmetics:
1.Begin by applying "Birch" onto the brow bone! (Element palette) 2.Taking "Gum Drop" Crème shadow apply to the entire lid, blending any harsh edges
3.Using "Cappuccino" apply in the crease and slightly above! Blend!
4.Taking "Chocolight" apply to the outer corner of the eye and sweep into the crease! With a light hand apply "Glitter glue" onto the lid! And sparsely apply "Magic Dust" glitter onto the lid
5.Using "Chocolate Brown" eye pencil, line the water line and smudge underneath the lash line! Using "Chocolight" shadow apply over top of the pencil and blend *Lashes/"Kylie" @flutterlashesinc
  • #selfiesunday  hope you had a great weekend. ❤️
  • #love @amberridinger @duanemclaughlin
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