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    Easy Layering for Summer

    Easy Layering for Summer

    Layering is one of the easiest ways to make any outfit look more chic and fabulous. It is a styling trick that you can use on days when you feel like your outfit could use just a little bit more oomph. Now, layering is super easy to do in the fall and winter because it […]

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    Women Who Made Menswear Their Own


    Menswear has made its way into women’s wear. For many years, women were forced to wear tight corsets and dressed. Things began to change in the 20s with ladies like the Coco Chanel, who were unafraid to play with their style and rock some trousers of their own. Since then, women have been trading in […]

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    Preppy Summertime Outfit Essentials

    Preppy Summertime Looks

    The preppy look is a popular look that many fashionistas channel in the fall and winter seasons and that is because this specific style thrives on layering and that’s just so much easier to do when the weather is cold and you want to warm up. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t show your preppy […]

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