DIY Leg Scrub for Smoother Summer Legs

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Now that the weather is warming up, our legs and feet can’t hide behind our boots and long pants. It’s time to get reacquainted with our razors, scrubs and skin care! I am in love with this amazing DIY recipe for a leg scrub that will be amazing for skirt season! This scrub will soften, smooth and even temporarily reduce blemishes, cellulite and dry skin! Try it out and let me know what you think!

1/2 cup caffeinated coffee grounds
1/4 cup wheat germ oil

How to use:
1. Mix the coffee grounds and wheat germ oil together to form a thick paste.

2. Stand in your shower or bath to reduce any post-scrub cleanup. Apply the mixture to your legs and any problem areas.

3. Cover your leg tightly with plastic wrap and let it sit for 30 minutes—this will allow the caffeine and wheat germ oil to sink in and tighten your skin.

4. Remove the plastic wrap and vigorously rub the mixture in using upward, circular motions for at least 5 minutes. “This not only further increases circulation, but also scrubs away the dead, dull and dry skin cells,” says Wolfer. “Your legs will feel softer, smoother and sexier…instantly!”

5. Rinse the mixture off using warm water. Apply your favorite body lotion to seal in moisture. Since the results of this scrub are temporary, Wolfer recommends repeating this routine daily for best results.

What does it do:
The caffeine in coffee grounds does two things: First, it helps temporarily increase blood flow to the skin’s surface, which plumps up dimples. Second, it flushes out the water in your skin’s connective tissue, which deflates and smoothes out lumpiness. And why wheat germ oil? She says it’s full of vitamin E to help promote healing deep beneath your skin’s surface and give it a big does of moisture.

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Beauty Benefits of Mangoes

April 6th // 1 Comment

When you think about all the natural beauty remedies out there, it’s actually pretty incredible. Simple things like fruits and veggies are packed with nutrients and beauty enhancing properties that we don’t even know are hiding in there. With summer just around the corner, one of my favorite tropical fruits – the mango – will soon be lining the produce section. Believe it or not, mangoes aren’t only delicious, they are packed with nutrients that will make your shine. Keep reading for the beauty benefits of mangoes and pick one up today!

  • Mangoes are great for skin. Packed with antioxidants and vitamin C, face masks and scrubs that contain mango help give your skin a gorgeous glow.
  • The fruit is also packed with Beta Carotene and vitamin A, great for reducing dark spots and helping to clear up acne and other blemishes.
  • For a natural moisturizer, apply mango directly to the skin.
  • Mango is an excellent natural conditioner for hair – just mix a little raw mango pulp with a spoonful of yogurt and two egg yolks for a great DIY hair treatment. Apply and let it sink in for about 30 minutes, then rinse.
  • Antioxidants found in mangoes give your skin protection from free radicals, delaying the aging process.
  • Making mangoes a part of your diet will help give your skin and hair natural beauty from the inside out.  They’re packed with fiber, helping to lower cholesterol and improve digestion.

Will you make mangoes a staple in your diet?

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8 Things Only Fashion Women Understand

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Certain things are only understood by other women. Things like shopping semi-annual sales and how to stretch shoes that are feeling a bit snug. Then there’s an entirely other lingo between women in fashion. The following is a list I read in Marie Claire that made me laugh out loud, mostly because a lot of it was so true. See if you can relate.

8 Things Only Fashion Women Understand

1. What happens in the bathroom when you’re wearing a jumpsuit. Logistics, logistics.

2. Wearing sunglasses when it’s cloudy. Living in Miami, sometimes you fall asleep with your glasses on.

3. You own shoes that are literally just for show. I once heard that there is a purpose for every shoe. Some shoes’ purpose is to match an outfit and look fabulous and that’s it. But I love being comfortable so this rarely happens to me. That’s just a fact of life.

4. The feeling of pure joy when your favorite shopping website updates with new arrivals. I hear this about Motives, when a new palette comes out. I feel the same way. I love to be the first to find out about what’s new.

5. You’ve stalked eBay for two years to repurchase your favorite shoes that are no longer sold anywhere and yours have fallen apart. Sometimes a shoe is just a shoe but sometimes this happens.

6. Black Friday is your Super Bowl. Small Business Saturday is your Oscars, and Cyber Monday is your own personal Olympics.

7. You have mastered all the tricks to sneaking new shopping bags into the house. No more judgmental looks from your significant other.

9. Your white dress only looks good with a spray tan, but your spray tan gets all over your white dress. These problems really exist.

Now, I want to know. Which of these spoke to you?


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It’s Time to Spring Clean Your Closet!

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Spring cleaning can be so overwhelming but it’s an absolute must! It feels so refreshing and it helps me stay focused on my current styles while donate everything I haven’t used in over a year. Are you ready to take on this spring cleaning challenge with me? Learn how to minimize the clutter and maximize your closet space with these tips for how to spring clean your wardrobe.

1. Clear out your schedule. Dedicate a big part of your day to go through every single item in your wardrobe – and make sure you also save some time for putting the pieces you’re keeping back to where they belong.

2. Divide and conquer. If the idea of cleaning and organizing your entire closet at once is too terrifying for you, designate different areas to tackle one day at a time!

3. Scrutinize each piece. Decide which pieces you want to keep and which pieces you don’t plan on wearing every again. Keep in mind that if you haven’t worn it in the past 12 months, you will most likely not wear it again.

4. Swap, Donate or Trash. Once you have decided which pieces to keep and which pieces no longer belong in your closet, it’s time to decide where they’re going: swap party with friends, donate to secondhand store or toss it away (only if there’s no way to repair it).

5. Treat yourself. Now that you got rid of the unnecessary items in your closet, treat yourself to that cute spring dress you’ve been eyeing!

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Get the Look: Mila Kunis’s Tangerine Lip

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Awh! We finally got a little glimpse of Mila Kunis’ new baby bump! The actress took to the red carpet last week during the Jupiter Ascending premiere with co-star Channing Tatum for the first time since announcing her pregnancy! I am so happy for her and fiancé, Ashton Kutcher. Mila was just glowing in her sleeveless navy knee length dress and her tangerine shade lip – perfect for spring! I’m not sure of the exact shade lip she has on here, but I would recommend trying, Motives® Mineral Lipstick in Tangerine, if you want to pull off a similar look for spring!

Has mommy-to-be, Mila Kunis, inspired you to try this fun lip shade?

Get the Look: Mila Kunis Rocks a Tangerine Lip and a Baby Bump


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