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    Hair Trend: Betta Fish Hair


    Refinery29 recently reported on this cool hair trend that’s definitely different. They’re forecasting that the Betta Fish Hair look is about to be one of the most popular hair looks around and I cannot help but agree. This hair look is unique, colorful and a total upgrade from the ombre and gradient looks that have […]

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    New York Street Style


    New York is an amazing city and I love spending my summers here! A little bit of rest and relaxation in the big city never hurt anyone. It’s fast paced, but I could care less! I love spending time with my grandchildren and spending time in the city is something I love. One thing about […]

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    Outfit Inspiration: Slimming White Pants

    White Pants for Summer

    Summer is the perfect time for all things white which is why there is no better time to bust out your white pants than now. Some women are overwhelmed by white pants. They fear that it might get dirty throughout the day or, worse, it might make their legs look not so slim and slender. […]

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