Fashion Week: Fanny packs and harem pants at Marc Jacobs

September 16th // Comment Here

It’s no secret that Marc Jacobs has been having an 80’s moment, so I wasn’t too shocked to see the fanny pack and harem pants trotting down the runway. The white-out makeup wasn’t to my taste, but I am happy to see fashion taking a softer turn (at least in the eyes of Jacobs). What do you think?

marc jacobs

marc jacobs 2

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Beauty Tips – Overnight Miracles

September 15th // 2 Comments

I think if you try this you will agree with me. Before going to bed one night I decided to give Motives De-Aging mask a try. Having tried so many products I was anxious to see if I would notice results right away. The application is simple and I loved that there is no mess. Each mask comes in its individual package. You simply peel out the mask and place it over your face, and let it sit for 10 minutes.
Right after I peeled off the mask I felt a tingly feeling, it energized my skin instantly. The next day I saw that my fine lines had faded.
This mask really worked. It is never too early to start preventing from the signs of aging. If you are in your late 20’ this mask will help you prevent wrinkles, keep elasticity and hydrate your skin with nutrients to help you keep your skin young. And if you already are showing signs of aging, this mask will help reverse those signs and make your skin feel and look younger.

Cellular Laboratories Facial Firming Mask

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Mining the Sales

September 15th // Comment Here

This weeks hoard of too-good-to-miss designer deals includes a Marc Jacobs purse three of my girlfriends paid full price for (sorry ladies!) and the cutest retro-chic shorts I’ve seen in a decade.

Bettye Muller black kidskin 'Twirl' t-strap sandals

Bettye Muller peep toes, was $395, now $201.45, available at

Davis Denim Culottes

18th Amendment Davis culottes, were $178, now $89 Available at

Marc Jacobs Satin Shoulder Bag

Marc Jacobs Rad Satin shoulder bag, was $595, is $399, available at Neiman Marcus

Pave Pyramid Stud Bracelet
CC Skye Pave Pyramid stud bracelet, was $275, now $137.50, available at

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Fashion Week: Two Looks to Covet from the ADAM Show

September 14th // 3 Comments

As I exited Milk Studios after the ADAM show the whispers under everyone’s breath confirmed my initial feeling about the collection…it was amazing. Full of wearable looks that still felt new and unexpected. And, the styling was so spot on. Here, my favorite two looks: the first, a crisp pairing with a wide-sleeve button down that is already at the top of my must-buy list, and the second, a silky pajama-like suit with a subtle hit of gorgeous sparkle. Which is your favorite?

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Fashion Week: When did sweatpants get so chic?

September 14th // 5 Comments

I seriously never thought this trend would catch on! But after seeing it on a few runways for fall, it seems to have caught on and spread like wildfire through the tents for spring. The trend I’m referring to…wearing sweatpants like trousers. Check out this look from Rag & Bone, it almost halfway persuades me to give it a try. What do you think?

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