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Futuristic, Mirrored and Wearable! Thakoon Ankle Boots

January 3rd // 2 Comments

So last week I mentioned Andreia Chaves’ invisible mirrored booties and you guys had a really great response to them. That said, I went hunting to find you all a pair that is actually wearable, but with the same amazing futuristic feel! Check these out:

net a porter

The BEST part is that this pair of Thakoon Mirror Mosaic Ankle Boots did cost a pretty penny – $1195 – but are now on sale for $597.50 at Net-a-Porter.com!

Enjoy :)

Lots of love,


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This Week in Hilarious Fashion Inventions: Invisible Shoes

December 26th // 4 Comments

We’ve all heard fashion designers refer to their creations as art. But none have taken that sentiment quite as literally as Andreia Chaves, whose first footwear collection includes these “invisible booties” made of mirrored glass prisms. If you’re not factoring in function—since I’m positive you can’t actually wear these—they are absolutely spectacular!

photo via andreia chavesjpg

Each mirrored piece is placed at the perfect angle to reflect the ground in a way that renders the wearer’s feet, well, invisible. I can’t wait to see how this Sao Paulo-based designer pushes the envelope next.



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