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VIBE VIXEN: La La and Loren Talk Motives for La La + Spring Beauty Trends

January 18th // Comment Here

Such a fun interview to do with La La! Niki over at VibeVixen.com caught up with the two of us about Motives for La La, spring beauty trends and what it’s like to work with your friends. Check out our Vibe Vixen interview below:


Besties Loren Ridinger and La La Anthony decided to make beauty business their absolute pleasure. Joining forces to create Motives for La La, Loren Ridinger the the beauty line’s namesake believe they have finally nailed a collection that panders to women of color. The Black and Brown beauties of the world can now anticipate seven lipsticks, two eyeliners, two mascaras, five eye shadows, 12 lip shines, six blushes and one foundation quad that will pander to our varying complexions! The mineral-based products also cater to various skin types, from oily to extremely dry. VV caught up with the besties to get a scoop on the line which is set to launch in February.

VIBE VIXEN: Tell us about the photoshoot you’re doing for the line.

LA LA: We wanted to have photos to go with the launch and just show people how the makeup looks on skin. Also, we shot different models of all skin tones so that people can see it works for everyone, no matter what the complexion is. That’s the goal of the photoshoot and to see me in the makeup and how I look.

VV: Take us back. How did you become friends with Loren?

La La: We had so many mutual friends. Melo and myself are very close with Alicia and Swizz Beatz, and they’ve been very close with Loren and her husband for years. Kim Kardashian is also very close with her, and they’ve been friends for years. So all these people that kind of led us to them, and all these connections from different places. We would spend with our families [for Christmas], then at night, we all spend it with Loren and JR, her husband. Same thing with Thanksgiving, the next day we went to Miami and hung out with them down there. They’ve become a very important part of our extended family and its great to do business with someone that you’re that close with.

VV: One of the thing that’s often said is, ‘Don’t mix friendship and business.’ How well did you two work together?

LOREN RIDINGER: One of the things with La that I never seen with anybody else is that she is so motivated. She’s such a hardworking woman; she reminds me a lot of myself. She pushes me like, ‘Hey can we do this now? Can we do this now?’ Her enthusiasm is so contagious. It has been actually pretty simple. Of course, I tried to pull myself out of the deal-making part of it which is hard to do one when you’re one of the founders of the company. When it came down to whatever needed to be done, finalizing numbers and contracts, that’s where I put one of my vice presidents in charge.

Click here to read the complete “VIBE VIXEN: La La and Loren Talk Motives for La La + Spring Beauty Trends” interview.

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