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5 Natural Celebrity Beauty Secrets

There is no shortage of beautiful women in this world. But at a certain age our skin begins to lose elasticity and bags start to form under our eyes. Besides resorting to surgery and Botox, is there something that we can do? Celebrities have always seemed to defy the odds of aging so let’s observe their secrets and channel the ageless beauty we feel inside.

1) Replenish: Extra virgin, please – you can end up spending a fortune on moisturizers that promise to make you look younger. Little did you know, the miracle potion was right there in you kitchen pantry. Loaded with antioxidants, extra virgin olive oil is great for the skin.

2) Exfoliate: Make your own natural scrub. If you have dry skin, mix extra virgin olive oil with sea salt. The combination will leave your skin soft, supple and let’s not forget younger looking.

2) Cleanse: When life gives you lemons make your very own cleanser and toner all in one. This trick used by the Hollywood elite, keeps your skin fresh, clear and blemish-free. Just like any expensive toner, it helps shrink pores and maintains an even complexion. If you’re looking for an added bonus, citric acid also acts as an exfoliator, eliminating sunspots in the process. Just apply natural lemon juice it to a cotton ball and sweep across your entire face as part of your daily beauty regiment.
3) Highlight: It’s a scientific fact that lemon juice can your lighten hair. The acid in the lemon slowly strips the hair of its color, producing a beautiful golden tone. Now that the days are warmer brush in some streaks into your hair, sit in the sun and watch the natural lightening process work its magic.

3) Moisturize: Here’s a trick that has kept a certain 1980’s supermodel looking lovelier with every passing year…it’s milk. The same nutrients that are so good for you when you drink it, can be applied externally to your skin. Cleopatra was known to soak in milk baths and I recommend spraying your face with a mixture that is part milk, part water to lock in skin’s moisture and keep your complexion glowing.

4) Whiten:  Sure, there are white strips and bleaching trays out there but for a natural remedy for stained teeth, A-list celebs have been known to use a strawberry with baking soda puree to brush into their teeth a few times a week. Try it, you won’t recognize your pearly whites! To keep the whitening effect longer, take a tip from one famous TV host and drink everything with a straw.

5) Plump: Seriously considering lip injections? Put that idea on the back burner. It’s been reported that a few popular singers actually prefer a peppermint extract over the painful prodding of the needle. Peppermint extract is a natural plumper as it dilates the blood vessels leaving you looking natural, youthful and fabulous. Simply dab a bit on with your finger, apply and enjoy your sexy plump lips.

Now that you know some of the more natural options out there, which will you be trying first?


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Peppermint is in our 40 FY!

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