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How to Style Short Hair

Many people think that you can’t do as much with shorter hairstyles. However, thanks to new hair technology, long gone are the days of boring, un-styled short hair. For those who already have short hair, I hope the following pointers will add new life to your ‘do—and for those who are contemplating a drastic cut, let these simple tips show you that short is actually the new long.

The Bob & Wave 

Bob haircuts seem to be the new go-to celebrity style, and curling short hair always adds a new dimension to the look. Though we can’t all wake up with perfectly tousled Karlie Kloss hair, we can take a few simple steps to achieve the same look!

  1. Immediately follow a thorough hair wash with a volumizing product at your roots. This will add the volume and conditioning your hair needs to be ready for curling.
  2. Use alligator clips or bobby pins to section your hair and keep the rest out of the way while you curl. Prior to curling, spray each section with a flexible hairspray (flexible meaning non-crunchy).
  3. Use a clipless wand to curl your hair. The smaller the barrel, the tighter the curl. Always curl away from your face in order to create flattering waves.
  4. When you’re done curling your hair, let your locks cool. Then, run your fingers through the curls to break them up, giving them a more natural look.

An Elegant Side Braid

This braided style is one of my favorites and is especially cute for shorter lengths. For those with side swept bangs, it’s even better! You can braid away those bangs so they no longer keep falling in your face. First, create a deep side part, wherever that may naturally fall. Starting from the part and working toward the opposite temple, French-braid a section of hair about an inch wide along your hairline, stopping at the temple. (This is my favorite French braid tutorial for first timers.) Secure with two bobby pins crossed over each other, ridges faced down. Curl your hair, or leave the rest of it straight, the braid is enough of a style in itself.

Volumized Bombshell Hair

Whoever said short hair can’t be just as sexy as long hair? Get bombshell hair with the following steps.

  1. Start with damp hair. Use a medium sized round bristle brush as you blow-dry your hair.
  2. If you’d rather have a quicker yet similarly effective solution, start with drier hair, roll into medium sized Velcro rollers, and blow warm heat over your entire head for 2 minutes. Let the rollers set for a few hours and you’ll instantly have more volume!
  3. If you’d like to add a bit of extra boost to your locks, finish off your ends with a 2” barrel curling iron. Curl away from the face and voila! You’re ready for a night on the town.
So have any of these inspired you to put short hair to the test?







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June 22, 2014 at 11:37 pm, Pat W said:

These aren’t really short haircuts to me. Can you feature some REALLY short haircuts. I would be interested to see what you do with those. I have fine hair and hate styling it. Would like to see some suggestions for that. Thanks!

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