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Top Beauty Tips For Life

Getting older is inevitable but you do have some control over the path your skin takes. You can actually slow down the aging process by taking care of you skin early on. Each of these tips can be applied no matter your age to benefit the way you look today tomorrow and for years to come:
Keep out of the sun. Uses sunblock that is as chemical free as possible and wear a hat when you go outside. There’s no need for excess sun exposure when you have the chance of getting skin cancer.

Use a lip balm. When your kisser is at its softest, it is at its most beautiful. Soft lips make a clean canvas for applying shades of lipstick.

Use a lip pencil to deal with lines around the lip that cause lipstick to bleed, but never use one darker than your shade of lipstick. Also, outline your lips outside the lip by taking concealer on a small brush to make your lips look fuller.

Take care of your skin when traveling. On the go you’ll probably be slightly dehydrated and not getting proper nutrition…don’t let your skin show the lack of care your body is getting. Drink lots of water and use a heavier than normal moisturizer when on the go and combating new weather.

Use an eyelash curler. Eyelashes will be your greatest accent, even in your old age, if you curl them slightly. Even without the addition of mascara or eyeliner your eyelashes for naturally appear longer and more beautiful when curled.

Drink tons of water and sleep, sleep, sleep! Your skin will thank you when you give it proper moisture from the inside out as well as time to rest while you sleep. That’s why we call it beauty rest!

No matter your age or style, all of the above beauty tips are perfect to add to your life long beauty regimen. Share with me your favorite beauty tips for life in the comments below. I’d love to hear them!







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June 21, 2014 at 7:28 pm, Carol said:

being 70 + I love to use Cellulor De-Aging Sunscrean Broad Spectrum SPF-50+. I use it everytime I wash my face. Having never used makeup I find this product, tones, softens and protects my skin also providing sun protection. One great product.

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