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Washing Your Face The Right Way

Washing your face everyday to keep it free from dirt and bacteria, sounds pretty simple, right? While you may have gotten yourself into a healthy routine by washing daily, you may also have been damaging your skin in the process. Check out these tips for making sure you are caring for your skin the right way.

1. Keep It Simple

Everyone’s skin is slightly different and there’s no one magical product that works for everyone. Use a product that is simple instead of one that combines every chemical available to treat all skin types.

Dermatologist, Jessica Krant, advises that, “cleansing should take away dirt, germs and excess oil, but not appropriate skin moisture and healthy cells.” Find a gentle product that will promote healthy skin without removing too much natural moisture.

2. Don’t Obsess

If you didn’t wear makeup or sweat one day, it’s not the end of the world if you don’t wash your face. With that said, it’s best if you wear makeup or sunscreen on your face to wash them before you go to sleep. Typically, washing your face once or twice per day is ideal. If you’re washing more than twice a day, unless directed by your skin care professional, you may be irritating your pores and increasing the oil production and risk of breakouts.

3. Use Cold Water

It’s not fun to splash your face with cool water first thing in the morning, but if you decide to go for hot water, you may be, “stripping healthy natural oils from your skin too quickly,” say Krant. Try easing yourself into washing with cool water by using room temperature or lukewarm water until you are comfortable. Finishing with cool water will tighten your pores so dirt doesn’t get back in.

4. Don’t Over Exfoliate

Excessive exfoliation can lead to dry irritated skin or an overproduction of natural oil, which may cause acne breakouts. Try to exfoliate only once a week for a natural rosy glow after removing the dead skin cells. Use soft circular motions with a gentle product that it’s overly gritty.

5. Pat Your Face Dry

Instead of wiping your face down with whatever’s closest: your old tee shirt or the towel you used yesterday, use a fresh towel every time. Before you begin your face wash, set out a clean hand towel or washcloth nearby to avoid reusing towels that may be home to bacteria. Patting your skin, instead of rubbing, allows the water to gently seep into your skin without irritating the pores.

These small changes will help you to keep your skin clean and clear without adding extra irritants or opportunities for bacteria to get into your pores. Keep your face-washing regimen simple and consistent for best results.










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