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Designers I Love: Isabel Marant

Isabel Marant is effortless, chic, and the ultimate trendsetter. This French designer not only has one of the most coveted design lines in the world, but pulls it all off with an attitude of nonchalant sophistication.

Reflected in most of her designs is a mix of bohemia and tomboy influence. Very Parisian street chic. Growing up, Marant would constantly be found donning her father’s wardrobe because she identified as a tomboy and despised anything girly. Her bohemian influences stem from inspiration gathered as a child, touring Asian, African, and Indian destinations with her parents.

Marant’s 2014 Spring/Summer collection was fresh and true to her signature “tomboy meets bohemian” style. This new collection debuted with just a bit more tomboy edge as silver rivets adorned leather pants and boots. Soft florals paired with sharp edged sandals and boots were also distinct elements in this line. The footwear also subtly resembled a man’s tie or bowtie, which again is so fitting to Marant’s true style.

Overall, this collection is the epitome of texture mixing at its finest. Combinations of leather, ruffles, and chiffon intermixed with hard and soft edges truly this distinguishes this collection from the pack.

One of my favorite pieces of this spring/summer collection is the bohemian inspired dusty pink peasant dress. A look within itself, this dress looks comfortable, effortless, and even feminine–a bit of a departure from Marant’s original looks, but still a fitting ensemble within this collection.

What I think we’ll begin to see in the summer street fashion (with influences from this collection) is monochromatic black and white and edgy textures paired with soft chiffon florals. Femininity at its boldest! So, are you ready to pair that stark blazer with your summer chiffon dress? Let me know your opinions of Marant’s line in the comments and how you’d personally interpret these looks into your everyday wardrobe.

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