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6 Fresh Takes On The Basic White Shirt

The ever-so-popular work staple, the basic white shirt is getting a makeover. Wear it day in and day out in a new way each time! They call it a staple for a reason, you can build an entire wardrobe around it. Here to help you do just that are some easy ways to tweak outfits using minimal accessorizing and color swapping. Give these six fresh takes on the basic button up a try!

Layer With A Sleeveless Dress:

Who says that a dress has to be the base layer of every outfit? Wherever you’re feeling flirty, layer a fun sleeveless dress over a crisp white button up. Go from bold florals to a classic houndstooth, changing up the look as you go. Feeling preppy? Pair a collared blouse with a dress, giving it the prim and proper feel.

Add a Pop of Color:

Hello sunshine! Nothing dresses up a blank canvas like a splash of color! Try putting on a colored blazer with matching shoes for an instant change of pace. Stick to working with two colors at a time to avoid becoming visual distraction.

Mix Up the Texture:

Add texture in the form of leather to instantly change the look of a basic white shirt. A leather skirt will be a great contrast to a crisp white cotton. To compete the look, add colorful accessories. To bump up the texture contrast a notch, try tying a colorful silk scarf around the handle of your purse.

Make a Statement with a Jeweled Necklace:

It’s my firm belief that every outfit needs a little sparkle! Add some shine to your everyday button up blouse by accessorizing it with a bold statement necklace. All gold baubles go well with any outfit and can lend to a minimalist look while still adding visual interest to your outfit. If you’re wish to stand out, play around with brightly colored necklaces in a mix of shapes and sizes.

Pair With Printed Pants:

Printed pants by nature look best when paired with solid basics, so these two garments are the perfect sartorial pair. Go for ‘of-the-moment’ graph printed trousers, adding in just a few colorful accessories to spruce things up.

All White Everything:

Cool, calm, and collected. Monochromatic outfits are all the rage this season! Try pairing neutral and gold accessories with crisp white separates. Only thing you have to worry about with this outfit is getting dirty. My advice, carry a Tide-to-Go pen with you when you wear this out!


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April 15, 2014 at 10:49 am, Mary jane Britzman said:

like the outfits for the most part, however, I think the dress would look better without the shirt

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