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Colors For Every Skin Tone

I have an affinity for pastels and vibrant colors, but I don’t usually care for the colors that fall in between. However, just because certain hues are pleasing to my eye it doesn’t mean they’re actually the best colors for my skin tone. The truth is, dressing in flattering colors can make all the difference. But for those who don’t yet know the difference between teal and turquoise the process of selecting your best colors can be daunting. So, where to start?

Consider this a quick guide, a “cheat sheet” if you will, to help refresh your closet and propel you to becoming a color connoisseur – it’s not an all-inclusive color guide, it but will definitely help you narrow down the options.

The Best Colors for Fair Skin

Fair or lighter skin is often associated with the “cooler” spectrum on the color wheel (you know, that spinning wheel we’ve all became accustomed to in middle school). Cool colors instead of warm colors are the blues, purples, and greens–as you can see in the swatches below, these colors tend to be a bit icier (in a good way), which helps to enhance the blue undertones of fair skin.

Tip: Mixing and matching colors within the same family is an ideal way to work color choices to your benefit. For example, Emma Stone paired a pale coral with a raspberry hue that perfectly suited her fair skin. Get it girl.

The Best Colors for Medium to Golden Skin

If you’re one of those women who constantly looks like you have a golden tan, fortunately, you have a lot of vibrant and fun colors to play around with. People with medium surface tones usually have warm undertones that range in tone from golden tan to yellow. In addition to the colorful palette below, warm neutrals like camel and metallic bronze also look great on women with this warm undertone skin color.

Tip: Check out Jamie Chung’s simple and chic ensemble that pairs a pastel skirt with a neutral top. This is an ideal combination for medium-skin women who are looking to play with pastels but don’t want it to feel overly childlike.

The Best Colors for Dark Skin

Fortunately for women with darker skin tones, you also have many color options at your disposal! Dark skin generally has warmer undertones, meaning you can pull off pale and bright colors. On the pale spectrum, Lupita Nyongo’s cinderella-esque powder blue sensation? I mean, SO much gorgeousness in one dress! Thus, on the flip side, she’s rocked a vibrant turquoise dress like there was no tomorrow. Even though these blues display two very different properties, they allow her skin to glow and shine at its most vibrant!

Tip: If you have darker skin, avoid colors that may be too dark and become lost when you wear them. Gabrielle Union (below) embraces her dark skin and hair with caramel highlights by sporting an electric orchid purple that truly makes her skin glow!

All in all, these are guidelines and are not the bottom line, but rather a helpful tool for those who may be concerned about their wardrobe color choices. Truthfully, if it makes you happy and excited to wear a certain color that’s outside of your skin tone’s normal color range, by all means, go for it!


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