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How to Get Blair Waldorf’s Preppy Style

The TV series may long have been over but that doesn’t mean the fashion inspiration stops. Gossip Girl was an exceptional TV show that a lot of ladies looked forward to and watched not just for the story but for the outfits on the characters as well. The main cast was always stylish, especially Blair Waldorf (although we all know it was always a close tie between her and Serena). If you watched GG from the first season up to the last, you know how much Blair’s style has changed. She went from being school chick preppy to fashion maven glamorous and everything else in between but she managed to keep her looks chic and posh all the time. Here are some tips on how to get Blair Waldorf’s style.
No Boho – the Boho looks are gorgeous but if you’re planning on pulling off a Blair Waldorf, avoid it at all costs. Boho is often easy, relaxed and a little unpolished which is the total opposite of what Blair’s style is. You’ll always see Blair perfectly made up, not a hair out of place and each and every part of her outfit is always in its perfect place.
Blair WaldorfOpt for dresses and skirts – looking through Blair’s photos, I’ve noticed one thing: she rarely wears pants and is always garbed up in cute skirts and elegant dresses instead. Her style is very feminine so it’s the perfect look to recreate and get inspired by if you’re a girly girl. During colder months, you’ll see her keeping herself warm and cozy by wearing tights underneath her skirts and dresses instead of wearing warm pants.
Blair WaldorfChoose tailored pieces – as mentioned earlier, Blair’s style is always on point which is why it’s important that everything you wear fits you to a T when trying to get Blair’s look. Blazers, tailored trousers, collared shirts, structured skirts – these are just some of the pieces that will help you achieve Blair’s look more easily.
Blair WaldorfAdd pops of color here and there – if you look at Blair’s outfits from most episodes on GG, you’ll notice that her style is simple and subdued but she never looks boring and dull, thanks to the pop of color she adds to her outfits all the time. You can do this by sporting a bright jacket or coat, a colorful scarf, a pair of tights in an unexpected color underneath skirts and dresses or even just a cute and flashy bag.
Blair WaldorfDon’t be afraid to wear print – if you’re doing a Blair Waldorf inspired look, you might as well go all out, especially on print. Blair is always brave and bold when it comes to mixing and matching different prints in one outfit so you should be, too!
Blair WaldorfAccessorize – given that Blair’s style is very girly and dainty, it’s important to add accessorize that will emphasize and add to the ‘girliness’ of your overall look. Blair is known for owning a plethora of headbands ranging from the plain and simple ones to really eye-catching and elaborate fascinators. Other accessories to include in your look are tights, designer purses and shoes and fancy-looking jewelry.
Blair Waldorf

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