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Dressing For A Business Dinner

Attending business dinners, charity events and fundraisers calls for a touch of sophistication added to your daily corporate wardrobe. Evening soirees require even more attention to detail than your average day at the office. The ultimate goal being to look refined and elegant.

Tips For Choosing an Appropriate Outfit:

  • Fabrics matter! Go with satin, silk or chiffon fabrics that have an airy feminine feel. These high quality materials will further prove your elegance. When choosing satin, make sure your dress or skirt is perfectly tailored; this fabric shows imperfections easily but when executed properly, looks like perfection.

  • Choose deep gem toned colors for evening attire. Maroon, black, royal blue, deep purple or emerald are great choices. These shades will transition nicely into evening hours while still allowing you to shine. Silver and gold satin are also gorgeous on garments but make sure you’re not attracting too much attention by going with a ‘sparkling’ garment; rather stay with a sheen.

  • Leave the suit at home and slip into something a little sexier like a structured dress or skirt and blouse combo. Dinner is a time to dress up, unlike a casual lunch. Don’t be afraid to take a slight risk and deviate from the normal corporate wardrobe. To ensure your business-fancy appearance is taken seriously be sure to have a fitted blazer on hand for times when it gets chilly.

  • ‘Sexy’ yet refined – be sure that whatever garments you choose are tailored correctly to your body and are not shorter than what you would normally wear to the office. The same applies to necklines – nothing too low to be deemed inappropriate for office hours. Open toe shoes may be acceptable depending upon the type of work environment you are in. Corporate business – stick to closed toe shoes, always. Slightly more casual – feel free to play with sandal heels or peep-toe pumps.

  • Accessorize! Wear something sparkling. Keep the focus on your face try adding a pair of studs or a statement necklace in mixed jewels to brighten up your night time ensemble. Do not wear garments that have sequins, glitter or have overly metallic qualities – they may be too flashy and distracting.

  • Choose a smaller bag that holds the essentials (pen, extra notepad, business cards, touch up makeup, keys and wallet) instead of your large tote or briefcase. You may be networking or discussing work but it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be required to write anything up at evening events. Save yourself the hassle of carrying a clutch and opt for a small bag with a long strap to hang on your shoulder so your hands are free. Have fun with the color of your bag by going with one that matches your outfit in a coordinated fashion or try one that adds a pop of color against a dark ensemble.

Dressing with the right intention goes a long way and can really help you meet your goals. Whether you’re dressing to get the job, make a favorable impression with working clients or networking over an evening meal, this guide will steer you in the right direction to make the most of your event.


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