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How To Effectively Shop The Clearance Rack

There’s no bigger thrill than scoring that coveted item at a discount. Call it fate or just smart shopping but when you find your perfect match on the clearance rack the feeling is euphoric. But if you could use a little help in that department, take these tips with you on your next clearance rack adventure and I assure you, you will not be disappointed!

Go with an item in mind.

Instead of showing up to the store not knowing what’s in your closet already and what’s missing, take inventory of your current wardrobe in advance. Keep in mind that you will want to create a shopping goal for the items you’re after to avoid coming home with unnecessary purchases. You never want to buy things that you will never wear, simply because they were on sale. Perhaps you need to restock on your basics or you’re looking for a specific trendy print – whatever it is, make a plan and stick to it.

Don’t just shop absently.

If you follow the first tip of creating a shopping goal, now you need to make sure to stay on track by not letting your mind wander off and end up getting lost in the glory of the fact that everything around you is so steeply discounted. If you’re not planning to go home with a sweater, don’t waste your time on feeling its soft texture when you should be shopping for that pair of jeans you needed. Also, pay attention to the signs that distinct what size the racks are displaying. Most, if not all shops categorize their clearance section by size. Stick to your size and don’t wander off!

Use a cross-body bag.

Shopping is just easier when you have two hands available. All too often I’ve gone shopping while having to dedicate one hand strictly to holding my purse – not fun! Invest in a small cross-body bag that will hold your essentials (id, wallet, phone, touch up makeup, etc.) so you can free up your hands to look through the racks without wasting a valuable asset.

Don’t rush – Build in time to browse.

Shopping the clearance racks means that you will have to spend a bit more time browsing through the cluttered areas of the store. Many stores can’t keep up with the number of customers sifting through the racks so things mat be tight and you will need extra time to find what you’re looking for. Don’t shop under time pressure unless you’re willing to walk away empty handed.

Check for damages.

Many times an item will be sent to the clearance rack because of a flaw. While some damages you can work around, like a small makeup stain or a tiny hole; others are simply not worth the money or the time it would take to repair. Damages like small snags, a loose hemline, missing buttons or a couple of absent sequins aren’t breaking points for me because I know I can easily repair these for little cost or on my own at home for free. Large damages like a broken zipper, huge tears, extensive staining or missing design elements often get passed up because they are not worth the extra time and money to fix.

Do you enjoy clearance rack shopping or do you not like sifting though racks and piles of clothes?










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