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How to Fearlessly Express Your Style

The rules of fashion as of late have been hard and fast, dictating what is acceptable or what isn’t. The most important thing to know about fashion is simply that it is a report; real style is what you choose to do with the information on what’s trending. Curating your own personal style doesn’t have to be a challenge, it should come naturally and you should have fun with it. Forget what society says you should be wearing and express yourself without fear!

Dressing with purpose – In your daily life, what are the events you must dress for? School, work, dates, outings, errands – keep in mind that your outfits must also serve a purpose for what you are required to do. Expressing your style can be practical if you play with styles that correspond with a task. Heels everyday for a stay at home mom, probably not the most effective footwear – casual clothing for a corporate career also doesn’t work in real life. You can interject elements of your style in subtle ways or loud ways depending on your lifestyle.

Figure out your staples – what is the bread and butter of your daily outfits? Are you a basic black and white kind of girl, do you always need just a little print? Perhaps you’re into flats more than heels, or you like having pops of color. Pinpoint the one element that is carried out throughout your wardrobe, or if you’re looking for a change, pick an element to aim for. By picking one style and sticking to it, will help you build your wardrobe out after buying the essentials that you will wear everything with.

Remember who you’re dressing for – Sure, there are times where you’re dressing for others, like an interview or to dinner with the in-laws, but at the end of the day you’re dressing to both please and comfort yourself. By picking items that you really have a love for, you’ll create a positive wearing experience all day. If you’re constantly worried about how others will perceive you or if your outfit is acceptable, you don’t have any time left to enjoy your clothes – remember to dress for yourself!

Always wear a smile! The most important thing is that your outfits make you smile. Of course you’d like the clothing to fit properly and flatter your figure, but it’s your happiness that counts most. If your boring suit doesn’t make you smile, test out adding some color or accessories to make it all your own.














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June 10, 2014 at 4:00 pm, Anna said:

Any ideas on how a young 30 year old can dress in 30-40s vintage clothing, hats, and hairdos without looking old way beyond her years. She’s beautiful, but how can she express her style and still look stylish and youthful in 2014. Would like to see a blog post with photos on looking stylish in vintage.k

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