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How to Make Wearing Heels More Comfortable

It’s no secret I love my shoes. A great pair of heels can make the world of difference in a girl’s life…just look at what happened to Cinderella when she finally found the right size shoe! It was magic! Here are a couple tips on how you too can find a comfortable fit in your favorite heels!

Shave it Down

If you’re willing to sacrifice a little bit of height for the ability to walk in your favorite high heels, consider shaving down the heel. For about $15, a shoe cobbler can simply cut off a portion of the spiky stiletto. You should have no more than an inch shaved off. Any more than that and you will feel the difference in the shoe’s arch construction against your foot’s natural curve.

Gel Insoles

Wearing gel insoles can solve a lot of shoe-wearing problems. First off, they can prevent your toes from scrunching and also prevent blisters. Dr. Scholl’s sells amazing high heel insoles with arch-like shaping to keep painful pressure off your feet. If you struggle with your toes constantly sliding forward for any reason, they’ve also designed a cushion to hold the ball of your foot in place. The gel inserts easily stick to the inside of your shoe but come out to swap between shoes as well without damage.

Give it A Break

It’s advised by doctors to give your feet a break after running around in heels all day. Whether you decide to slip them off at your desk, soak your feet in a warm bath in the evening, or even alternate the days you wear heels, taking a break helps to relieve the pressure. Remember to love yourself and give a little massaging and tender love at the end of a long day on your feet.

Buy Styles With Straps

Heels that slow your walk down for fear of falling off just aren’t practical. Bring fashion to your fast paced lifestyle by opting for styles that hold you in with straps or ankle wraps. You’ll also stop crunching your toes to ‘hold on’ to your shoes.

Pick a Comfortable Shape

It’s amazing how much the shape of your heels can impact the amount comfort when wearing them. For instance, platforms reduce the distance your heels are elevated above the balls of your feet. That means they’re not as exhausting on your arches, which is particularly wonderful when you’re standing on at least and extra three inches. A rounder toe box is also a ton more comfortable and even better for your feet, because it means your toes can lay flat instead of being scrunched up. If you really want to go for the pointed toe look, make sure the point stretches out instead of stopping right where your toes would rest.

Fear not of the high heels that once were terribly uncomfortable – if there’s a will there’s a way to make it work!










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July 02, 2014 at 11:15 pm, Julie said:

Love the article! I had planter facietis once, and have a hard time ever wearing heals. I am trying to slowly work back to wearing them again to work, and my husband loves the look of heals on me as well! I will try the heal gel inserts! Thanks!

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