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Polka Dot Remix

No more Minnie Mouse prints that make you feel like a girl again; this trend has gotten a sophisticated makeover. The exaggerated size of the dots is what makes this print feel totally fresh. Here’s how to wear pretty polka dots in a trendy and totally ladylike manner with these tips:

Keep Lines Clean + Simple

No matter the print you wear, in this case polka dots, you have to keep in mind that every outfit needs the proper balance. Between clean lines and cohesive colors, be sure to keep polka dots your main print and accent with plain pieces in solid colors. Avoid crazy necklines and overtly sexy slits since polka dots air on the side of playful and pure more than they do seductive.

Mix Size + Scale

Just like when you mix two prints of different styles together, when mixing between the same families, it’s important to mix up the size and scale of each print. If you’re picking a bold polka dotted skirt and want to accessorize with another printed piece, try a mini dotted scarf to play with the size and scale of the pair.

Try Neutrals

If you stick to pairing polka dots within the neutral family of black, white, tan, and navy, you’ll avoid the ‘childish’ connotations that often come attached to this playful print. Instead of putting on and air of Minnie Mouse in bold red and white dots, steer to a sophisticated palette that will mix well with other colored pieces.

Go for Oversized

Exaggerated prints are hot this summer – try this trend with classic polka dots by slipping into a boldly printed sweater or pants. For best results, remember to keep things simple and pair with solid pieces. Enjoy the new remix of this classic print by playing with scale!

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I just love polka dots!

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