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Tiny Tweaks That Will Make Your Clothes Look 100% Better

The most perfect of outfits can look terrible if you don’t properly care for your garments. Stained, fuzzy and misshapen pieces are the worst! Take a couple extra minutes and learn how to make your clothes look 100% better with these tiny tweaks.

Low Back Bra-Extender

 Fashion Forms Low-Back Bra Extender, $8

How many times have you passed up a gorgeous dress because it had a low cut back and you were afraid that your bra would be showing? Lose that mindset and make a small investment in your new best friend: The low back bra-extender. The extender hooks onto your regular bra straps, wraps around your stomach and snaps on the other side sitting low on your back. Spending $8 vs. $40+ for a brand new bra is a great way to go!

Lint Roller

Lint Roller, $9

Most of us have these in our house, but how often do we realistically put them to good use? Lint, pet hair and dandruff can make even the most beautiful garments look cheap. Take a minute and roll your clothes once you’ve put them on right before you walk out the door. If you have pets, this is the quickest and most efficient way to make your clothes look better.

Tide to Go Pen

Tide to Go Pen, $4

While white jeans are very posh, they will almost always collect stains. If spilled coffee, splashed pasta sauce and pen marks got you down, carry a Tide to Go Pen in your purse for easy clean-ups during the day.

Deodorant Remover

 Gal-Pal Deodorant Removers, $5

The armholes of tops and dresses get more wear than we’d like to think. Give them a little love and remove the deodorant and sweat stains with this easy to use sponge. Your little black dress will thank you!

Fashion Tape

 Hollywood Fashion Tape, $9

Double-sided tape can come in handy when you’re wearing a dress with a particularly low neckline. Stick this tape directly on your clothing and skin to avoid embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions.

Dryer Rack

Dryer Rack, $34

Many fabrics can’t stand the heat of a standard dryer. To avoid shrinkage, odd stretching, and thinning of your favorite garments, opt to ‘hang dry’ your clothes. Cashmere, wool, bras, swimwear and underwear will last longer if you take this precaution.

Mesh Washing Bag

Mesh Washing Bag, $10

Lacy underpinnings and delicately beaded tops were not meant for the regular washer cycles. Protect your gentle belongings by washing them in a mesh bag. The holes let in soap and water without tossing around your beloved pieces to get tangled and ripped. Also use when washing and drying socks to avoid lonely soles.

Hanging Sweater Organizer

Closet Organizer, $30

Most wool, cashmere or cotton blend sweaters have some stretch to them. Don’t misshapen them by using regular hangers. After hanging for months at a time in your closet they will form odd shoulder pulls if you do. Instead, fold neatly and pile on shelves.

It doesn’t take much to make your clothes look great, just a little time and TLC. What are your tips for making your garments look their best?








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April 24, 2014 at 7:52 am, Penny said:

I love the tips. Some things I knew, but there were a few new ones.

April 24, 2014 at 1:31 pm, Marlene J.. Rydingsword said:

Great Reminders……………..


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