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Ways to Dress for Easter

I don’t have to tell you that Easter is right around the corner. That means pastel colored chocolates, Easter egg hunts and Spring fabrics. But the way I look at it, Easter fashion doesn’t have to be cookie cutter. This Easter be the kind of woman that takes risks. To help you pick an unforgettable outfit, here are 5 ideas that will make this Easter one to remember.


1. Choose floral prints over old fashioned solids and pastels. Add an edgy clutch and a metallic pump and you will look modern and classy all at the same time.
2. Paisley pants and a blazer are a great alternative to a plain summer dress. Throw on a fedora and a teal oxfords and you will be an Easter brunch standout.
3. Change things up. Pick a full denim skirt over a fabric one. Wear it with a simple blue tank, a statement necklace and top it off with a simple floral blazer. Leave the best part for last by finishing things off with silver D’Orsay flats and a candy inspired clutch, which are super hot this season.
4. For a more casual look, go with the full on flower theme. Wear a flower wreath and high gladiator sandals with some bright colored bangles and a crossbody bag.
5. Maximize your look with a maxi dress. This outfit will take you from day into night and the flawy material will keep you cool and comfy. Pair it with some sunnies and a nude wedge and you are good to go.
By: lorenr

2 Responses to “Ways to Dress for Easter”

April 03, 2014 at 12:27 am, Monty Moore said:

Escorting a lady in ANY of these outfits would sure make me look good!! Thanks for the brilliant tips!

April 03, 2014 at 10:51 am, Margot Emery said:

These looks are beautiful and imaginative! Their springy spirit celebrates the season, but they’re NOT the predictable Easter-ish frou-frou. Thank you, Lauren!

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