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What To Wear To A Picnic

Summertime means picnic time – whether you’re throwing a big birthday bash in your backyard or rounding up some friends for a cookout at the park, these are the essentials you should be wearing to a picnic:

Sunglasses /Hat


Trust me, you don’t want to be the one who forgets your sunglasses or hat and has to squint in-between every conversation just to see who you’re talking to. Or worst yet, come home with a terrible sunburn all over your beautiful face! Take a minute and be sure to grab your favorite sunnies or a hat – try a large wide brim sunhat for extra coverage or a trendy straw fedora!


If you’re going to a picnic in the park, chances are the weather will be pretty nice. That means that the sun will most certainly be peeking out from behind the clouds and beating down on your skin. Even if you’re in a mostly shaded park, be sure to add a layer of sunscreen to your beauty regimen before hitting the party. Save your skin and add much needed moisture with at least a 45 SPF. Kudos to you if your foundation already has SPF protection in it!

Picnic Inspired Prints

Any activity or holiday can have a theme, just like picnics always have the traditional plaid print tied to them. Celebrate this occasion no matter how big or small by wearing a bit of plaid. Perhaps try a rolled sleeve button up top or some cute fabric sandals in this classic pattern. Be wary of doing an all-over plaid for fear of looking overly festive, unless you’re going for the ‘blend in with the picnic blanket’ look!

Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses are so easy to wear; you can comfortably sit down at either a park bench or a picnic blanket in this piece without having to constantly check if you’re showing off your legs by not sitting ‘like a lady’. Plus, they are so casual by nature, especially in jersey fabric, but you can always dress them up a bit with some sparkling accessories or tone them down. It is entirely up to you!

How do you dress for a fun family picnic? Do you go for a casual ‘let’s just hang out’ look or dress it up with inspired prints to celebrate this occasion? Share your outfit ideas with me in the comments!













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