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Why Crossbody Bags are the Ultimate Accessory

Do you ever find yourself carrying a huge purse, thinking it will fit all your essentials; only to have your hands constantly full? Chances are you probably have your tote filled with everything you don’t actually need, while juggling your cell phone, maybe a coffee, you’re probably always struggling to get the door open. Maybe you’ve started to regret the choice of a carryall tote. Cue in the incredible crossbody bag! Switching out your everyday tote for a smaller, easier to carry zipper pouch on a long strap will make your life so much easier!

Yes, with just one swap you will save time, eliminate stress and clear the clutter. I myself have always been a “big bag” kind of girl but with the rise in popularity of the much smaller crossbody bag, I began to reconsider my choices. Realizing that there are some days that anything other than a crossbody bag is just plain impractical. Going shopping, traveling, visiting an amusement park and going to a concert are just a few situations where a crossbody bag will come in handy.

Here are a couple of ideas on how to wear a cross body bag for different events:

Parties & Concerts: You’re out for a night on the town with your girls and you’re ready to party! Every girl knows she needs a little bag to tote her cash, ID and touch up makeup in, but no one actually wants to babysit a purse all night long. Ditch the clutch and casually wear a cross body bag instead. Now you’re hands-free and ready to party!

Shopping: Yes, you will need a place to stash your essentials, but do you really need to lug around a huge purse while you’re trying to enjoy sifting through beautiful racks of clothes? No, you don’t. Swap out your “always in the way” handbag and go for a helpful crossbody bag to free your hands to pick the prettiest hidden treasures!

Traveling: One of the most stressful places to have a large bag is at the airport. Believe me, I know from personal experience. “Hold on TSA Officer, I swear I had my ID here just a second ago…darn this black hole of a tote bag!” Save yourself the stress and downsize to traveling with a crossbody bag and leave the rest of the items for your luggage. I suggest keeping your ID, boarding pass, cell phone and cash all in one easy-to-find location – your best friend, the crossbody bag!

The best part about these hands-free companions is that they do all the work for you – hold your precious belongings and don’t require any extra attention! They also eliminate the risk of leaving your purse behind when you set it down. Say goodbye to fanny packs and oversized totes because the crossbody bag is here to stay!



By: lorenr

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May 20, 2014 at 10:08 pm, Pat W said:

I agree!! Makes life – and especially traveling – so much easier 🙂

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