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Why You Need Proper Fitting Undergarments

No one likes to show off their panty line or have skin protruding in the back on their shirt, this is a life fact. Picking the right underwear and bra to compliment your body and wardrobe choices can help you avoid these embarrassing and distracting mishaps. Here are a couple of common fit issues with easy to fix solutions:

Better Fit = Flattering Your Clothing

  • Wearing a tee shirt with a lacy bra = textured bumpy breasts that distract. Instead, save yourself by wearing a smooth “t-shirt bra” in similar fabrics such as padded jersey, silk, or a polyblend.
  • Wearing full coverage briefs with tight pants or skirts = outlines of your underwear for the world to see. Choose to wear a soft thong with tight pants or just wear slightly roomier pants!
  • Black underwear and bra with light colored garments = an unnecessary peep show! Coordinate your colors to blend well with your garments by wearing neutral colored pieces under light colors.
  • Bra straps falling out of your top = undesirable disheveled and slightly lazy look. Take time to adjust your straps with each new wear to ensure a proper fit. If you have doubts about a proper fitting bra, consult a sales associate at Victoria Secrets; they’re trained to help you find the perfect fit.

Avoid Painful Infections

For the women who wear a thong everyday, be wary of how constricting this piece can be. Often times, the tight fit of a thong can be the cause of a painful yeast infection since there is little to no room to breathe. Consider switching up your styles during the week, as your wardrobe most likely will compliment additional fits. Same advice goes for women who are perhaps wearing a size too small in any type of underwear – buy proper fitting pieces that aren’t too tight.

Accentuate Your Natural Curves

Finding a proper fitting bra for the size and shape of your breasts is important for the fact that you want to 1, be comfortable and 2; look proportionate without spilling out of your top. What a tragedy it is to see women dealing with bras too large or small where they’re constantly readjusting themselves in trying not to share their assets with the entire world. The simplest way to be sure you’re accentuating your natural curves with the right fitted bra is to get professionally sized and measured.  I suggest going to Victoria’s Secret because they offer this service for free and will assist you in finding the proper fit for every occasion.

Finding the right fitting undergarments can improve your look dramatically by complimenting both your shape and wardrobe choices. Spend a bit of time trying on new styles and figuring out what works best with your lifestyle.












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May 30, 2014 at 2:48 pm, Ginger said:

I would NOT recommend Victoria’s Secret for everyone. I am a large breasted woman and they don’t have bras big enough to accommodate my size.

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