6 Ways to Wear Silk Head Scarves

Playing around with my grandma’s vintage scarves as a girl was always a fun pastime – and boy am I glad I saved a few of those gems! That’s right, silk head scarves are back ladies! Here’s my favorite ways to wear these beautiful accessories as inspired by my grandma!

1. Turban Style

 The second style is the turban and looks best with twists. Gather all the twists into a low ponytail and place the scarf on your head with the long side on the back. Grab the long hanging ends and tie them in the front twice. Twist each end and tuck them into the back of the turban. Then grab the front and roll it into itself and tuck it into the node at the top. Release the twists in the back and you are good to go on your funky turban style.

2. Buns

Grab all your hair and wrap it into a lose bun. Place the scarf with the long side in the front and make sure it completely covers the bun. Then tie the scarf to secure it. Grab one of the ends, wrap it around the bun and secure it underneath the scarf. Repeat the on the other side. Push it back to reveal a bit of hair and you are done.

3. Crazy Pirate

This style is perfect for beachwear! Place the scarf with the long side in the front. Tie the two ends twice, high up on the side of your head, right over your ear. This will look great with any bathing suit for a day at the beach.

4. The Chiquita Banana

This is one of my favorites and I call it Chiquita Banana. Wrap the scarf around your head and tie it in the front. Tie it 3 times and then twist each end and tuck it into the scarf.

5. Twisted Knot

Wrap the scarf around your head towards the back. Bring the two ends to the front and tie them in a knot twice. Twist the remaining two ends together and tuck it into the side of the scarf and you are done.

6. Criss-Crossed

This one is similar to the Chiquita Banana. Place the scarf on your head and bring the ends towards the front. Cross the ends twice then cross them again. Tie them in the back twice to secure them, then tuck it the ends.

So what do you think? Will you try these vintage-inspired silk scarf looks? Tell me which one is your favorite in the comments below!

By: lorenr

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July 30, 2014 at 8:35 pm, Janice said:

Like them all except for the pirate. Wearing scarves on my head does NOT flatter me, but i like them on other women.

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