Burgundy Boot Inspirations

Did you know that psychologists often refer to red as the color that “excites emotion and motivates action?” What better reason to start wearing this trendy hue than to gain mad confidence and take over the world!  Let’s start from the feet up but exploring some burgundy boot options.

The way I see it, there isn’t a color that black doesn’t complement! And if you’re going for a sexy day to night look with burgundy booties, why not go with a classic little black dress? After all, red and black is one of the sexiest color pairings! Try picking delicate earrings so that your outfit is nice and balanced.

If you want to try this trendy look without looking totally girly? Pick a pair of knee-high riding boots with strapped metal details to kick it up a notch and make it clear that you’re not really that girly after all. Try pairing with white denim (if you can’t tell from my last post about weekend wear I’m addicted to white denim – it just makes everything look so much more amazing!!)

By pairing these red hot boots with a safe neutral, you’re letting your boots do more of the walking and the talking while the white jeans set up a nice foundation for the burgundy to shine through. Balance out your look by adding in more leather pieces like an edgy motorcycle jacket. Perfect! Finish with a pair of your favorite sunglasses, a little studded accessory and you’re off! Don’t forget to pack a punch of red for your sassy lips – details are what make this outfit look cohesive.

A note on color paring: Since red is such a rich color, stay away from pastels and any blue that isn’t navy; these shades will definitely clash. The safe bet for color pairing lies in mixing red with black, white, grey, silver, gold and navy blue. Accessorizing with small bits of same shade garments will add balance and structure to your outfit. This is the perfect opportunity to try a bold red lipstick! Be empowered and create a call to action within yourself with this rich hue.

Motivate yourself by wearing this fierce and trendy color! Play with textures and styles until you know what sets your soul afire! If all else fails, go for neutral bases like little black dresses and white denim and wear with basic black or brown tops. Most importantly have fun with it!











By: lorenr

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May 19, 2014 at 9:46 pm, Deborah said:

That burgundy bootie is fabulous. “Back in the day” we called the color Cordovan. It was always considered a neutral and every shoe was offered in it. If I’m correct Eitenne Aigner made this their signature color.

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