Color Crash Course: MINT

Mint chocolate chip may be one of the most popular flavors of all time. It’s no wonder then that the fashion world would hop on board and bring the beloved shade to life. There’s mint everything this spring; from clothing to accessories you simply can’t go wrong. Liven things up with some fabulously minty pairings by mixing and matching to create a perfectly coordinated look!

B&W + Mint 

Adding a ‘pop of color’ to a plain black and white outfit doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to be using a bright or bold color. Try implementing a bit of muted light green into an otherwise basic outfit for a fresh take. You can rework your favorite little black dress with a pair of colorful Mary Janes for a night out.

Mint + Beige

Take boring beige tones to the next level by teaming them up with some pretty minted green. Use cream and tan variations as your base and try accessorizing with pastel baubles in this sweet shade. The other girls will be green with envy over your sophisticated yet simple look!

Navy + Mint

The richness of a deep navy or royal blue balances the softness of mint with practical perfection. While blue and green are neighbors in the color spectrum, we see a new light shed on the duo when combining the two in opposing saturation. For a casual look, you can pair mint with your favorite jeans. Rock this leather jacket day-to-night with fitted blue jeans or a cute dress.

Mint + Coral

While orange and green aren’t exactly a common pair (pumpkins anyone?), when the shades are toned down a bit you may be surprised at how well they compliment each other. Cue the coral – a lovely orange with a pink undertone it surprisingly compliments any skin tone goes great with mint. When matched together, they add a soft touch of femininity to your look.

Emerald + Mint

What a regal way to wear monochrome! Rich emerald with easy-going mint make a beautiful duo. A great way to wear the monochromatic trend without looking boring in one color head-to-toe is to play with the shades. Light meets dark in the name of the game her. You can accessorize with textured fabrics such as leather, perhaps in your handbag, for added interest.

Whether you’re off to work, enjoying a casual Saturday or having a night on the town, add a dash of greenery to your outfit for a fresh taste of spring. Crisp and clean, this hue will add class and elegance to any look.






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This is a very relaxing color.


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