Fashion Bloggers Over 40 You Should Know About

The blogosphere may be overrun with 20-something year olds, discovering their sense of style and sharing their view on the world, but there’s a bigger picture to the online world that deserves a closer look. The over 40 crowd has a brilliant selection of fashion bloggers who not only cover their personal style but include life anecdotes about their families that are totally relatable to women all ages. Take a look at this list of fashion bloggers over 40 you should be following:

Girls of a Certain Age

Kim France of Girls of a Certain Age, shows us that it doesn’t matter how old you are to wear what you love. She mostly blogs about shopping in NYC as well as the designers and shops she loves most. She is very relatable and constantly communicating with her readers by sharing advice, asking questions, and responding to comments frequently. A former editor at Lucky Magazine, this girl knows what she’s talking about!

Not Dressed As Lamb

This British beauty isn’t afraid of color by any means and she certainly doesn’t look her age. Catherine is a fun loving girl who never fails to look beautiful and confident in everything she wears. If you’re a bit trendy and like to take risks, take inspiration from this one, gals!

Grit & Glamour 

Vahni’s been doing this for a quite a while, and besides her own personal style she also shares practical advice on fitness, beauty and travel. She’s not afraid to speak out and say exactly what needs to be said in any situation. This is a real woman with major food for thought.

Atlantis HomeJudy Aldridge always has the most amazing photographs! Whether she’s showing off her latest thrift store finds or talking about her recent travels, you can bet there’ll be beautiful graphics to go along with it! She often uses her grown up daughter to model her styled outfits and occasionally jumps in front of the camera. If you like to thrift, check her out!

Une Femme

I love a blog where you can get lost looking through old posts – Une Femme is exactly that blog. She offers excellent advice on how to pack when traveling (which she does quite a bit), and shows off her elegant, minimalistic style. Her musings on “French chic” are simply darling. Don’t forget to read through the comments from her readers, there’s a lot of engagement there!

If you’re interested in more, Citizen Rosebud has a great over-40 blogroll.

Who are your favorite fashion bloggers over 40?










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I like A Key to the Armoire. She’s polished and sophisticated.

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