Menswear For Women

Lucky for the ladies, it’s a lot easier for us to switch up our wardrobe in favor for a pair of slacks instead of a pencil skirt. Sadly, the same cannot be said for the gents. Take advantage of the fact that it’s socially acceptable to wear the pants…as if we didn’t already! Let’s discover some of the styles we can borrow from the boys to make it all our own!

Boyfriend Jeans

Typically worn a little low on the hips, with legroom to spare and deep pockets that go on for days, a pair of boyfriend jeans is a girl’s new best friend! Wait a second, what about the diamonds? Well, yes, they officially take the title, but once you slip into a comfy pair of boyfriend jeans you may reconsider! Dressed down with a simple tee and flats or paired with a printed silk blouse and statement loafers, either way, these jeans will have you feeling comfortable all day long. Best news: you won’t have to go through all those “exercises” to get these on like you would with a pair of freshly washed skinny jeans. Come on now, you know what I’m talking about!

Boyfriend Watch

Michael Kors famously designs oversized gold and silver watches for women. These statement pieces have long been accessorizing the dominant male as a show of his success and masculinity. With the adjusted fit and styling from womenswear designers, like Kors, women can now rock these oversized shiny baubles with just as much ease. He’s even designed them so that the watch’s face is oversized just enough with out taking over the whole arm; since women tend to have smaller wrists, this works great for us! Throw one into your sparkling arm party or even as a simple separate to add a bit of edge to your everyday outfit.

Sharply Cut Blazers

Suited up and ready to go, a man never looks sharper than he does in a well-fitted blazer. It’s time for these wardrobe staples to be dressed up over lace dresses, frilly tops, and worn in pink! Wouldn’t you know, yet another staple we’ll be stealing from the boys! Wear a slightly oversized blazer with sleek lines over your favorite silk blouse teamed with slacks and girly accessories for a nice boy meets girl mix to work. Playing with color and pairing with heels will make this manly piece perfectly girly in no time!

Suit Inspired Shorts

Summer’s right around the corner, my goodness that came fast! Why not try this trend with a pair of suit inspired shorts. They’re tailored and sometimes even pleated to fit a woman’s hips but still have that straight lined menswear look. These shorts add instant fancy to any plain button blouse or regular tee. Paired with smart loafers, this outfit is far from a corporate office bore. Try playing with statement jewels or adding in a floral design for a womanly touch.

Thanks to designers refitting menswear for women, we now have more options than ever! As if we really needed more, right?











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