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Summer Braids to Try Now

There’s no better season when braids are all the rage than summer, when everything is in bloom and comes back to life. Your hair needs its well-deserved rest from all the pain it suffered during the cold winter months with constant blow drying and overdoing it with product. Instead of drying your hair and overcomplicating your routine with product upon product, opt for the simple solution of braiding your hair when it’s wet for a beautiful look that requires hardly any work! Plus, when your hair starts to dry by evening, pull out your braids for a beautiful beachy wave! Now that’s why I love summer so much!

Why not give these gorgeous styles a try?

1. One-Sided

A cute way to do a half up half down hairdo is to part your hair on one side and to braid that part of your hair. It looks amazing and it works wonders for keeping your hair in place. Moreover, you can still have your long hair left loose to dance in the wind.

2. Braided Bun

A simple, yet very stylish way of braiding your hair in an elegant manner is the one in the above-mentioned photo. It is just a collection of braids, carefully pinned at the back of your head. It looks, amazing doesn’t it?

3. Braid-In-Braid

A super interesting way to braid your hair is to have a small braid within your main braid that adds a little edge and makes braiding more complicated. Still, remember that no hairstyle is impossible to do, so try it out! You will be surprised of the reactions of people to it, as it looks amazing and fascinating.

By the way, do you know the history of braiding?

Braids are considered to have existed as long as 30000 year ago, when they were shown in statues such as Venus of Willendorf., A few thousand of years after the creation of that particular piece, there was another sculpture that depicts a braided hairstyle, called Venus de Brassempouy. Besides these sculptures, different types of braided hairstyle are known to have emerged during the reign of pharaohs in ancient Egypt.

Braiding was known as a social art, a way of communicating things about yourself, and the style of braiding could tell another person whether you were married or not, or what was you social status, without that person even talking to you. These intricate designs were passed down from generation to generation and while braiding your hair, it was the time to socialize with your sisters and girlfriends.

So which of these styles are you going to try out? I’m absolutely in love with the braid-in-braid style that combines different sizes of braids to create a unique look! Tell me about your favorites in the comments below!


By: lorenr

2 Responses to “Summer Braids to Try Now”

July 29, 2014 at 12:02 pm, Marlene J.. Rydingsword said:

I am 73 years of age (thanks to my OPC 3 and Secretagogue formula) and still wearing my brunette hair in braids on the day or two before it is time to wash my hair. Thank You, Loren, for the great ideas.

Marlene J. Rydingsword

July 29, 2014 at 11:36 pm, Eboni said:

The braided bun is just everything! My twin and I put together a few summer hair styles as well in this video 🙂

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