Vivica Fox Getting Made Up Using Motives Cosmetics For Her Hair Collection Shoot

Last Thursday and Friday the talented makeup artist, Mariluz West, (www.mariluzwest.com), used Motives Cosmetics on my sister Vivica Fox for her Hair Collection, (www.vivicafoxhair.com), photo shoot. Needless to say the photos came out incredible. Here is a sneak peek at Vivica behind the scenes and the list of products Mariluz used:

Motives Mavens Sculpt Palette in Fire 

Motives Brow Perfecting Gel in Dark Brown

Motives Mineral Gel Liner in Little Black Dress

Motives Lip Shine in Bella

Motives Lip Shine in La Reina

Motives Rich Formula Lipstick in Pink Sugar

Motives Rich Formula Lipstick in Nude









By: lorenr

2 Responses to “Vivica Fox Getting Made Up Using Motives Cosmetics For Her Hair Collection Shoot”

May 24, 2014 at 12:17 am, Ramona said:

Beautiful. However,

There are many distributors and preferred customers who are past the age of tight jeans or white denim, cleavage tops and 2″ platform, 5″ high heel shoes, or slinky silver dresses.

Would you devote a couple of columns to the plus 60 (I am 81) who still want to look stylish, not frumpy, but not look ridiculous. When I lived in Hollywood we all could pump up the cleavage, slit the skirt higher, wear the tight pants, wear the “in” clothes and makeup and be acceptable. But now many of us who lived in Hollywood or New York City have retired to small towns or another country/culture (I live in Panamá) and look ridiculous in what was the norm in LA.

Most STYLE magazines or web sites have pages and pages of beautiful clothes and makeup ideas that are totally inappropriate for the 65+ lunch bunch. Many of us would welcome your advice and ideas.

Ramona Rhoades

May 26, 2014 at 8:12 am, Aleya said:

Does anyone know who the dress is by or have full picture of it please?

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