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How to Wear Red Eye Shadow

These days, it’s not unusual to find unique makeup looks trending. Everyone from celebrities to everyday people are dying their hair colors inspired by the rainbow or wearing bright blue lipstick. One of my favorite unique beauty trends happening right now is red eye shadow. It sounds intense but there are ways that you can wear red shadow without looking like a character from a dark teen romance novel. It’s all about blending order to make this beauty trend work for you. Find out some fun ways that you can rock red eye shadow.

Blended And Creamy- This look is perfect for a festival. It’s all about using a sheer cream eye shadow rather than a powder shadow to make it look like the blogger’s look below.



Red And Gold- Your eye shadow doesn’t have to be one color. Add some gold shadow to the inner corners of your eyes after you’ve applied and blended your favorite red shadow.



Bold Liner- Go for a bold black liquid liner to take your red shadow look over the top. It’ll help make your eyes look dramatic and sexy rather than scary.



Spiky Mascara- After applying your red eye shadow, give your mascara the spiky treatment for a look that’s totally grunge and 90s inspired.



Shaded Into Brown- Blend out your red shadow with some brown matte eye shadow for a simple understated look.



Blended Into Black- For an eye catching makeup look, blend some black matte eye shadow into your red eye shadow. To make it pop, try adding some gel black liner as a primer before you apply the black matte shadow.



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