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Easy Ways to Protect Your Hair

There are small things that we subconsciously do to our hair everyday that’s actually pretty damaging. We brush it roughly or iron it thoroughly without realizing the consequences. Before we know it, we find breakage and split ends. What can we do to make our hair stronger? How can we better prevent damage? It’s time to be more conscious of how we treat our locks. All it takes is a few easy changes to better take care of our hair. Read them below and tell me what you think in the comments section.

Heat Protectant- Heat protectant is an easy way to help your hair. It protects hair from all those heated devices we use. I know my hair goes through different irons and blow dryers every time I get it done. Heat protectants reduce that damage in order to keep your hair long and beautiful.

Air Dry- Speaking of blow dryers, maybe its time that you put yours down every so often. I air-dry my hair once or twice a week and especially when I don’t have any big events. Embrace your natural hair and save it from all that damage.

Wide Toothed Comb- Brushing your hair while wet can be dangerous. That’s why it is important that you untangle your hair with a wide toothed comb after a shower. When you use a wide toothed comb, you’re lessening your chances of breakage.

Brushing Technique- When your hair is wet is when it’s most susceptible to breakage. Use your wide comb and delicately brush out your tangles from the bottom end of your hair. Then, move up to the root. This is the most efficient way to prevent breakage and untangle your hair after a shower

Wash Less- Try to avoid washing your hair everyday. Water and hair products tend to strip away your hair’s natural oils when you over-wash it. It sounds crazy but I like to go by a hair-washing schedule so I know it’s been at least two to three days since my hair was last washed. Try to work out your own hair-washing schedule.

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