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The Rise Of Kendall Jenner’s Modeling Career

Kendall Jenner is a super model and making a name for herself away from  her famous family. Designers love her and her ability to look amazing in front of a camera or on the runway. With the support of her family, Kendall has made her way from reality star to high fashion model. Where did it all begin? How did this fresh face that we were more than used to seeing on TV become one of the biggest names in fashion? Read on to learn more.

Early Beginnings- Despite her family’s connections, Kendall has always had the raw material to be a model. Leggy and full lipped, Kendall made the cover of magazines like Seventeen in 2011 alongside her younger sister, Kylie. At the time, she was being represented by Wilhelmina Models and appeared solo as a model on the cover of Miss Vogue and inside the pages of Cosmopolitan.

Runway Fame- A year later, there were plenty of reports swirling around the fact that Kendall was ready to become serious about high fashion modeling. With a quick change in agent, Kendall went on to walk in the Marc Jacobs show, as her New York Fashion Week debut. Her shows were limited during that fashion week, as she only walked for Givenchy, Giles Deacon and Chanel. Yet, the big names racked up, and her face on the runway became a huge news story that was tweeted over and over.

Brand Ambassador- Kendall is now using her famous name and high fashion status to her advantage. Brands are using her in their ads more and more. She speaks to girls all over the world in the way other models have yet to tap. Calvin Klein has a new steamy ad featuring Kendall, while Balmain used both Kendall and Kylie in their ad. When consumers found out that Kendall was the face of Estee Lauder, it was Kendall herself who broke the news. What’s next for this TV star turned model? I suppose we’ll all have to tune in to find out.

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