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How to Sanitize Your Makeup

How to Sanitize Your Makeup | My Fashion Cents

Have you ever found yourself looking through all of your makeup, thinking – wow – I really should clean some of this stuff? Whether you’re talking lip gloss or eye makeup, after a while and when you’ve got really heavy use going on, most makeup can use a bit of sanitizing (some more than others). But the thought can admittedly be a bit daunting. So here are a few tips to get everything in tip top shape, stat.

How to Sanitize Your Makeup

Start by making clean brushes your first priority. When you think about it, your makeup brushes are probably the worst culprits of needing a cleaning asap. They go from your makeup to your face over and over again – and who knows what germs they’re picking up and transferring along the way. So how about giving those brushes a good cleaning after each use – or if that’s not possible – at least once a week. All you need: a little antibacterial soap or dish soap and some water. Just use one drop, roll the bristles around in the palm of your hand and run the water over the brush until the water runs clear. It’s that easy!

Cleaning eye shadow. Did you even know this was possible? Definitely think about giving your eye shadow a good cleaning if you’ve been sick or you’ve recently shared your makeup. Eye infections and germs are easily passed around and eye shadow is definitely one of the culprits. Using your finger, swipe a tissue across the eye shadow to remove the top layer, give it a little spritz of rubbing alcohol, let it dry and you’re good to go.

How to Sanitize Your Makeup

Same goes for anything pressed (blush, bronzer, powder, etc.). Give it the same treatment as the eye shadow: wipe with a tissue and spritz with rubbing alcohol. So easy!

Give your lipstick a good cleaning. Similarly to the eyes, our lips carry all sorts of germs and spreading those germs via makeup is definitely not something any of us want. So giving your lipsticks a cleaning every once in a while makes total sense, right? It’s pretty simple – use a tissue to wipe the top of the lipstick, removing a thin layer. Then, pour a small amount of rubbing alcohol into a small cup or bowl, dip the tip of the lipstick in and let it dry or dab the excess moisture with a tissue. You’re all set and all clean.

How to Sanitize Your Makeup

Same goes for lip and eye pencils. Wipe with a tissue, dip in a small amount of rubbing alcohol and let it dry.

When it comes to cleaning mascara, this is a tough one. Changing out your tube of mascara each month is probably the best option – especially if you have been sick or had a cold. Once it starts getting the slightest bit crusty and clumpy, it’s simply time to switch it out.

How about you? Do you sanitize your makeup regularly or a you a culprit of letting it go for way too long? What works for you?

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